What Does Top Rated Spine Surgeon in NJ Really Mean?

You may have seen listings touting the “top rated spine surgeon in New Jersey” or “top rated spine surgeon in NJ,” but what does that really mean?

Being a top-rated surgeon is only as good as the metrics by which the surgeon was rated. In other words, look to the source. If the rating was done by a group that takes money from people to provide favorable ratings, the rating is probably close to meaningless. On the other hand, top surgeons on a credible rating system are very likely to be depressed in their respective fields.

Being of spine surgeon is its own top rating

Before one talks about individual rating systems and who is the top rated spine surgeon, think about what it takes to become a spine surgeon. Orthopedic surgery is, by far, one of the most competitive residencies in medicine. Simply getting a place in orthopedic surgery residency requires exceptional test scores and top grades in medical school. When you consider that are only a fraction of orthopedic surgeons are selected for and complete spine fellowships, spine surgeons are already in elite company. Thus, a board-certified, fellowship trained spine surgeon has been at the top of his or her class throughout school and training.

Finding a top-rated spine surgeon

Some people find their spine surgeon by word-of-mouth. Others look to their insurance companies to see recommended providers. Still others hope their primary care physician can recommend a top-rated spine surgeon if the need arises. These are all excellent resources and should be used whenever possible. Websites and magazines may also provide help, as long as they are reputable. Remember that top surgeons in the country maybe nowhere near you. Since there are many excellent spine surgeons in the United States, it is best to focus on top-rated spine surgeons in New Jersey or your respective state.

Being a top rated spine surgeon

Every board-certified, fellowship trained spine surgeon has passed a multitude of rigorous examinations to be able to practice spine surgery. What makes a top-rated spine surgeon is really something that can’t be measured on a standardized test. While it is nice to see your surgeon’s name in a list among his or her peers as one of the top rated spine surgeons in the state or in the country, the true test of a spine surgeon is how well they treat you.

  • What is your condition correctly diagnosed?
  • Was your surgery thoroughly explain to you before you agreed to it?
  • Were the risks explained to you?
  • Were you presented with treatment alternatives?
  • Did you feel supported before and after the procedure?
  • Did you have a good outcome?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have found a top-rated spine surgeon, because there is little more you could ask you a rating system than to experience it firsthand. The best person to rate a spine surgeon is someone who has been treated by that spine surgeon. A happy patient is about the best rating and a spine surgeon could have.








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