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My name is Dr. Joshua Rovner and I became a spine surgeon to give people with back pain their lives back. Virtually every adult will have back pain at some point. Most times, this pain is fleeting; but for some, spinal problems become an all-consuming issue that takes the joy out of life. Spinal pain can limit your ability to work, rob you of time with friends and family, and prevent you from living the life you always imagined.

When it comes to back pain, conservative treatments are usually the best place to start; however, if conservative treatments fail, spine surgery can often deliver a cure. One of the newest, most effective breakthroughs in spinal surgery is Robotic Spine Surgery, which makes spinal surgery more precise and, therefore, less invasive and safer. I am board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons to practice in New York and New Jersey and am one of a small number of doctors in the northeast with the training and ability to perform Robotic Spine Surgery.

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