Spine Surgery Revision – Restoring Patient Trust Is Crucial

Every surgical procedure comes with risk. This is important information that all surgeons are duty-bound to share with patients awaiting surgery. While advances in modern medicine have greatly mitigated much of the risk involved, surgery is not to be approached without acknowledging risk as a reality.

There’s always the possibility of a surgery going wrong. Infection is probably the greatest risk involved. When it’s spine surgery, infections can be serious. The complications they cause can sometimes only be resolved by a second procedure.

You may be in that position right now. You may have lost some of your trust in the medical profession because of that. Whether you were improperly diagnosed, healed inadequately, or suffered from an infection which resulted in complications, the clinical excellence available at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics is here to help.

Restoring your trust in medicine.

At Progressive Spine, we know it’s difficult to accept the fact that your original surgery has failed and requires revision. You’ve already been through one surgery, and now you face another, with a different surgeon. Having lost precious time to pre-surgical preparation and recovery, you’re about to go through it again.

At Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics, we get that. We know you’re not anxious to go another round. We understand that surgery of all kinds brings with it a certain amount of anxiety. With spine surgery revision, that’s probably even truer.

Spine surgery revision can make you feel as though you’re moving backwards, instead of forward. But with the compassionate spine surgery revision specialists at Progressive Spine, you’ll be facing it with one of New Jersey’s top orthopaedic surgeons.

Board-certified in New York and New Jersey.

Dr. Joshua Rovner is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. One of the most renowned surgeons in the field, Dr. Rovner, is widely acclaimed by his patients and peers as a compassionate professional.

“Sincere and completely open about your healthcare.”

James, Wayne, NJ

The professional team at Progressive Spine knows that patients looking at spine surgery revision have profound reservations. They may have lost some of their trust. It’s our job to restore that trust by providing premium care and a successful spine surgery revision.

For Dr Rovner, informing the patient is both a value and an imperative. His patients know they can count on him to walk them through every step of spine surgery revision and the therapy that will ultimately guarantee its total success.

Let us restore your trust.

One of the most important elements of any successful surgery is patient trust. With spine surgery revision, it’s crucial. At Progressive Spine, it’s part of our mission to restore the trust of all our patients facing revision for failed spine surgery.

Dr. Rovner and his team are here for you, offering spine surgery revision to our patients that restores their trust by getting them back on their feet.

Contact us to put your spine surgery revision in the hands of our caring specialists. Let us restore your trust.

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