Spine Surgery Center Reveals Important Symptoms Of Spine Injury To Watch Out For

For some people, the effects of a spine injury are not instantly noticeable, especially for those who have a high threshold for pain. The discomfort or soreness they feel at the base of their neck, shoulders, and/or lower back is easily dismissed, and they only start taking notice when the pain reaches an excruciating level and even superficial movements become intensely difficult to execute. Therefore, it’s imperative to be completely mindful of the pains occurring around the spinal area, no matter how slight they are, because you may just wake up one day with swelling, the inability to move properly, and incredible pain that pain relievers cannot get rid of and may be more complicated to treat.

The symptoms of a spine injury depend on a number of variables, such as the exact location of the injury and the current health condition of the patient, to cite two. Therefore, not all of the symptoms may manifest in some patients. However, a NJ spine surgery center claims that certain symptoms are clear indicators of a spine injury,and people should always watch out for them; they are listed below.

  1. Numbness or loss of ability to feel cold, heat and even touch
  2. Inability to move comfortably
  3. Pain, especially the type that feels like a serrated knife is slicing through your skin which means that the nerve fibers in your spinal cord are damaged
  4. Breathing difficulty
  5. Inability to perform sexually

As for really grave spine injury symptoms that require prompt treatment, they are the following:

–          Excruciating and lingering back pains paired with pressure on the head, neck, shoulders and back

–          Tingling sensation radiating through the body’s extremities

–          Weakness of the limbs, lack of coordination, and paralysis

–          Incontinence

–          Lack of balance

–          Odd posture

–          Extreme difficulty in breathing

According to spinal health specialists, these symptoms may also be manifested by people who didn’t meet an accident that injured the spine; they may be suffering from another ailment like hyperthyroidism, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (ascending paralysis) or multiple sclerosis. Still, immediate medical attention is required because all these symptoms pronounce that there’s something seriously wrong with a person’s health. Conducting a battery of tests will correctly determine the real condition a patient has, as well as the appropriate treatment to carry out.

So, if you or someone you care about manifests one or a combination of the symptoms mentioned above, don’t think twice about visiting spine specialist – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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