Laser Spine Surgery – Pros & Cons

You’re here because laser spine surgery sounds like the perfect solution but you want to know more.

Whenever you hear that something is the perfect solution with very little risk, your may think this is too good to be true. Often this is the case. Laser spine surgery is not the solution to all spine problems as many would have you think but can benefit some patients with minor spine problems.

However there are many conditions it should not be used to treat and many professionals that are legally allowed to perform the procedure but shouldn’t.

I work with trusted partners who perform laser spine surgery with great success. But, even then (as with all surgical procedures), there are still risks. It is not always the perfect solution. That’s why you deserve to know the pros and cons of laser spine surgery before going forward with it.


Fast Recovery Time

Like most minimally invasive procedures, laser spine surgery does allow for very fast recovery, often allowing patient to go home the same day as the procedure.


When in the right hands and used for an appropriate minor spinal condition, laser spine surgery can be very effective. For example, the heat emanating from the laser can be used to shrink damaged discs while not affecting nearby nerves.


It Isn’t Ideal for Most Conditions

Laser spine surgery cannot be used to treat major spine conditions. In fact, laser spine surgery can only be used for a small amount of minor spine conditions.

For many conditions, the laser scalpel is less effective and more risky than a traditional scalpel – due to its heat, varying length, and the fact that it can’t handle angles or corners. While perfect to treat some conditions, it isn’t perfect for most.

In those cases, the traditional scalpel is much more effective.

It Can Damage Nerves

The heat that emanates from a laser can cause damage to nearby nerves and lead to even more pain than you’re currently suffering from.

You Don’t Have to Be a Spinal Surgeon to Perform Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery isn’t even taught in medical school. That’s because it’s not a unique procedure – it’s just the use of a unique tool to perform an existing procedure. Unfortunately, it’s legal for doctors who don’t have the same level of spine knowledge as a spinal surgeon to perform laser spine surgery – which increases the risk of damage to nerves and nearby anatomical structures.

Those are the major pros and cons of laser spine surgery. To sum it up, you first need to be diagnosed by an open-minded spine professional who will help you understand your condition and why laser spine surgery can, or can’t, help you. If it can, you’ll then want to have the procedure performed by a qualified laser spine surgeon.

It just so happens that I am “The Open Minded Surgeon” and partner with a team of laser spine surgeons that I refer patients to with great confidence.

Give my team and I a call today to come in so I can take a look at you and explain your options in as much detail as you need. I’m also happy to answer any and all questions patiently and in detail – so feel free to bring a list.

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