Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment In NJ

Sciatic nerve pain is a condition originating in the spinal column. This is the most common root source, but only a professional diagnosis can reveal the cause adequately. Regardless of the origin, this condition causes pain which radiates down one or both legs, making walking and standing difficult. Primarily experienced in the back of the legs, sciatic pain can also affect your feet.

The sciatic nerve originates in your lumbar (lower spine) and when it’s sending your brain a pain message, it may be telling you about a serious underlying problem, like disc herniation, or spinal stenosis. As the largest and longest nerve in your entire body, it’s a powerful one and the pain signals it sends are not to be ignored.


Sciatic nerve pain originating in the lumbar spine can extend to the feet and toes and even cause numbness which affects balance. The timing and intensity of symptoms are an important consideration in sciatic nerve pain treatment and diagnosis.

The activities which provoke sciatic nerve pain and their timing are important to note. If pain wakes you from a sound sleep, it’s time to check in with an orthopaedic surgeon. If you find the pain more intense after you’ve been sitting for long periods, or after you’ve walked more than 100 yards, it’s time for you to act.

Some patients experience weakness in one or both legs. In the most extreme cases, the urinary tract and/or the bowels are implicated.

Expert sciatic nerve pain treatment in NJ.

Our orthopaedic lead at Progressive Spine is the renowned Dr. Joshua Rovner. His practice is dedicated to individualized, patient-centered care that recognizes patient individuality. Using advanced diagnostics, he’ll pinpoint the source of the problem and devise that sciatic nerve pain treatment strategy that’s best suited to your condition.

At Progressive Spine, Dr. Rovner and his team are dedicated to non-invasive and minimally invasive therapeutic responses. We recommend surgery only in those instances when other options have been exhausted.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been experiencing sciatic nerve pain for a sustained period and know you need the help of a spine specialist. You’ve found the clinic and the expert care you need, here at Progressive Spine, with Dr. Joshua Rovner.

Dr. Rovner and his clinical team are dedicated to spine health, offering advanced sciatic nerve pain treatment in NJ that’s as diverse as our patients. We find the solution that works best for you, offering pain relief and management strategies that acknowledge your individuality.

Sciatic nerve pain treatment in NJ is only a call away, with the caring professionals at Progressive Spine. Offering state-of-the-art care that’s conservatively applied and focused on patient wellness, we’re committed to returning you to the quality of life you deserve, free of debilitating pain.

Contact us to find out how Dr. Rovner and the team here can help get you back to living life to the fullest. We’re spine care specialists offering the best in sciatic nerve pain treatment in NJ.

Don’t wait another day to find the pain relief you need.

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