Revision Spine Surgery Hasbrouck Heights NJ

Revision Spine Surgery Hasbrouck Heights NJRevision Spine Surgery Hasbrouck Heights NJ is necessary in many cases where problems develop after the initially spinal surgery. These issues can crop up immediately after the operation, after some delay, or quite late. Even after recovery from spinal operation where the tissues seem to be healing, issues can arise or old problems may persist. Spinal surgeries are very complex, and even with the best surgeons and equipment, the surgery might fail or the desired level of response to the treatment or level of relief sought may not be achieved.

Common Delayed Issues that Require Revision Spine Surgery Hasbrouck Heights NJ

Here are some common issues that a patient might encounter after some time has passed after the initial surgery:

o Repeated issues with discs

o Recurrent stenosis

o Junctional failure

o Spinal fusion was not successful

o Decompensation

Revision Spine Surgery Hasbrouck Heights NJ for Recurring Stenosis and Disc Herniation

In the initial spinal surgery, it is not always possible to foresee future issues of the spine, and usually surgeons opt to have a minimal approach for treating only the spinal levels that are severely affected. However, this approach will not be able to eliminate the probability of further issues. Therefore, a patient who has undergone surgical procedure for stenosis, might develop the condition again, or the issue might recur on another level of the spine. Similarly, disc herniation can recur at the same place or in different place after the initial surgery.

Revision Spine Surgery for a Failed Fusion

In many cases of fusion surgery, the required spinal fusion does not take place. Usually, the failure is apparent after some time has passed, but sometimes the symptoms associated with failed fusion can take months or even years to surface. The common symptoms are persistent pain, or breakage or loosening of the instrumentation implants. Sometimes CT scan and X-rays are unable to show the issue clearly, and an explorative surgery may be required to diagnose and treat the problem correctly.

Revision Spine Surgery Hasbrouck Heights NJ for Junctional Failure

Junctional failure is instability or collapse of a segment of the spine that is adjacent to the level of spine that had previously underwent surgery. It is not possible to predict the reaction of an adjacent spine level to the one that has been operated. The additional strain could lead to faster degeneration and other related symptoms that could be corrected with revision surgery.