Progressive Spine Confronts Challenges with Hope

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones which weakens them. As it progresses, bones may fracture and even break, due to decreased bone mass. There is little indication prior to a fracture or break that patients suffer from osteoporosis unless they’ve received a test for bone density.

Often believed to affect only very elderly people, osteoporosis can strike people at a much earlier age. Even people in their 50s may suffer from reduced bone mass. Among seniors, osteoporosis is seen in just over 5% of men. Women, though, encounter the disease at four times the rate of men, due to factors like menopause.

Spine surgery for people suffering from osteoporosis presents a profound challenge to patient and clinician alike. Due to the reduced availability of bone stock for grafts and to support screws used in corrective surgery, patients with osteoporosis face significant barriers to pursuing surgical solutions.

At Progressive Spine, we know that advances in orthopedic medicine are changing prognoses for patients with osteoporosis hoping to undergo corrective surgery. Our team here is on the leading edge of spine surgery’s continuing evolution. We stay abreast of developments to ensure we’re able to offer our patients with osteoporosis the most contemporary surgical interventions available.

Challenges and hope.

While osteoporosis is a challenge for patients and surgeons seeking a surgical solution, successful spine surgery is now well within the realm of possibility. Science is also learning that with pre-surgical preparation, osteoporosis sufferers can look forward to correction of deformities and fractures caused by the disease.

Combined with advances in surgical implements, techniques and procedures, a multi-disciplinarian process through post-operative therapy is indicated. This involves patient cooperation and careful planning on the part of the surgeon. With advances like bio-active cement augmentation and a new type of surgical screw (designed for fusion surgery) a carefully planned program of care offers great hope.

Spine surgery specialists.

At Progressive Spine and Orthopedics, we specialize in the care and correction of the spine for patients with a wide array of conditions. We welcome osteoporosis sufferers, employing focused clinical care that begins at consultation and acknowledges the challenges involved with a comprehensive program of care, from pre-op to recovery.

We know that people seeking relief from the progression of osteoporosis need hope. At Progressive, we offer that by providing our patients with expert care and leading edge interventions.

Led by Dr. Joshua Rovner, board-certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Progressive Spine provides people with osteoporosis with the widest range of spine surgery options possible. That means hope for a better life.

Connect with specialized care.

The spine specialists at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics know that osteoporosis hurts. With a focused, 360 approach which involves the patient in preparing for spine surgery and recovering from it effectively, we believe we can offer our patients a brighter outlook and a renewed quality of life.

At Progressive, we offer specialized care that offers osteoporosis sufferers the hope of successful spine surgery. Contact us for a consultation. We confront challenges with hope.

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