Small Investments in Your Posture Can Make a Big Difference in Your Back Pain

Are you suffering from constant back pain? Even if what you’re dealing with isn’t debilitating or agonizing, there is no need for you to feel less than stellar, especially if the reason why you’re hurting is something you have the power to fix. Poor posture is one of the leading reasons for back and neck pain, especially with our ubiquitous reliance on screens that we’re constantly hunched over.

To address the issue, consider investing in a bit of retail therapy that’s focused on your spine. These are some of the best products that will help realign your back and restore your spine to better health.

  • Treadmill Desk – No, we’re not suggesting that you show up to work in workout clothes and sweat your way through the day. A Treadmill Desk goes one step beyond the standing desk – also a good option. It keeps you upright, back straight and aligned. Plus it has the advantage of adding more movement to your day.
  • Collapsible Ergonomic Workstation – This is the answer for those who use their laptop in bed. It makes sure that you’re working in the right economic position, with your eyes focused straight ahead at the screen instead of bending down and causing tension in your neck.
  • The ErgoErgo – This is a very cool stool that trains you to sit up the way that nature intended. In keeping you upright and your spine straight, it simultaneously strengthens your core. If this is something you just can’t bring to the office, opt for a posture cushion that you can put behind your back in your already-existing office chair. It will engage your muscles too.
  • Upright Go – This little device gets up close and personal, sticking to your back and buzzing every single time you slouch. It is an immediate (and often annoying) indication of just how bad your posture habit is, and it will quickly train you into a healthier mode. Another option that does a similar thing is the Posture Brace, which physically pulls your shoulders back. It’s not a great option for under office wear, but you can use it if your office wears casual clothes and you can go baggy.
  • Still Carrying a Heavy Bag? No product recommendation here, just some simple advice. Ditch the big bag and go lighter. First step is to go through your purse or briefcase and decide what you need and what has simply taken up residence. Then take the bare necessities and stash them in a lightweight backpack, a fanny pack, or a tiny little crossbody bag.
  • Customize Your Pillow Game – Try the Pancake Pillow, which is totally adjustable for height and inserts and makes sure that you’re as comfortable and well aligned as you can be. The point is to keep your spine straight.

If at-home measures don’t work and you’re in pain on a regular basis, it’s probably time to make an appointment with our New Jersey lumbar spine specialist. Contact us today to set up a time that’s convenient for you.

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