Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Neck or Back Pain

There are a number of conservative and aggressive treatments available to address chronic neck or back pain. Patients who make appointments with our neck and spine specialists are frequently treated using protocols ranging from over-the-counter medications and rest to minimally invasive spine surgery, and everything in between. Unfortunately, there are some patients for whom these… Continue Reading

Keeping Pain Away During the Holidays

If the holidays bring out the little kid in you, you’re not alone. No matter what you celebrate or how old you are, the spirit of the season is infectious. People are happier, friendlier, and generally energized by the thought of getting together with loved ones, colleagues and friends. Unfortunately, back pain can take away… Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Spinal Stenosis

Our spines narrow around our spinal cord and related nerves every time we stand up from a seated position: it’s part of our normal biomechanics. But there’s a big difference between that narrowing and the one that happens as we get older. Referred to as spinal stenosis, it’s usually caused by osteoarthritis, and when that… Continue Reading

How Cortisone Injections Ease Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your cervical spine and conservative treatments like over-the-counter drugs, ice and heat, or physical therapy are not providing relief, you may be a candidate for a cortisone injection. Cortisone has been used for decades to provide neck pain patients with relief. The injection delivers corticosteroids as well as an anesthetic… Continue Reading

Do You Experience Middle Back Pain?

Though neck pain and lower back pain tend to get most of the attention, middle back pain is a significant source of discomfort that may require attention from a spine specialist. The middle back is the area that is between the base of the neck and the rib cage. It comprises 12 of the spine’s… Continue Reading

Nerve Stimulation Found to Be Effective Treatment for Lower Back Pain

At our New Jersey spine specialty practice, we have long believed in providing our patients with a wide range of treatment options for their lower back pain. Our philosophy has always been to begin with a conservative approach, trying the different treatment protocols that we have found most effective for previous patients until we arrive… Continue Reading