Need NJ Spine Surgery? Minimally Invasive Is the Way to Go

Do you live in NJ? Does your back hurt? Do you have trouble bending down? Try NJ minimally invasive spine surgery now and get 2 procedures for the price of one. Just kidding – there’s no deal on 2 procedures and there’s no late night infomercial for minimally invasive spine surgery. However, NJ minimally invasive spine surgery has benefits that might make you feel more comfortable with spine surgery – if you and your doctor are considering the surgical path to treat your condition (meaning all non-surgical treatment options have been tried or ruled out).

One of the biggest risks of traditional spine surgery is that, for your surgeon to access the area of your back he needs to operate on, he needs to make a very long incision. After making that incision, he has to move the muscles and tissue out of the way. This is a necessary evil as part of traditional spine surgery but there is always the risk that tissue function could be seriously affected due to the incision and moving of the muscles.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for your surgeon to operate on your spine in the same way without that risk? Eh hem.

Minimally invasive procedures give spinal surgeons a new option – yes, that means no more “Mr. Long Incision”. Whew. You would have needed a lollipop and a coloring book after that procedure.

So how can your surgeon fix your issues without getting all up in your muscles? Well, it is still invasive – just not as invasive. Advanced instruments allow doctors to operate on your spine with a smaller incision. Instead of making a six inch incision and moving your muscles and tissue out of his way, your doctor can make a small incision that penetrates through your skin, muscle, and tissue directly to the small part of your spine that needs to be operated on.

Less muscles are disturbed because your doctor can go straight to the source of your condition instead of peeling muscle away to look at a larger section of your spine first. There is much less risk involved with NJ minimally invasive spine surgery. Unfortunately, minimally invasive procedures are not yet available for all conditions and all parts of the spine but it’s getting better and better.

If you haven’t discussed it with your doctor in NJ, minimally invasive spine surgery should be at the top of your list to discuss. If your doctor doesn’t perform minimally invasive procedures for one reason or another (not trained, can’t afford equipment), you should do some research and see if any doctor’s your insurance covers do.

At the very least, now you know some basics about minimally invasive spine surgery. NJ doctors will be able to tell you more and will be able to let you know if a minimally invasive procedure exists that can help you with your condition.

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