When Is It Time to Visit a Hackensack, NJ Back Pain Doctor for Your Pain

So you’re one of the many residents of Hackensack, NJ that is suffering from back pain. When you bring it up to anyone, it’s obvious you’re not alone. Whether it be on line at McDonalds, at work, at the gym, at your weekly frog-catching meetings, or even on public transportation, people jump in enthusiastically when you start to talk about your pain: “Me too! I know exactly what you’re talking about. I have the same pain – it’s so stubborn,” they say.

So if everyone around you is suffering from the same pain, what makes you so special? Everybody in Hackensack isn’t going to visit a Hackensack, NJ back pain doctor. If they were, you’d see a lot more back pain doctors in Hackensack and you’d see lines out their doors. So why are you the one that needs to go to the doctor? Is your pain that unbearable? Everyone else is dealing with it so you should too, right?

Well, it depends. There’s a line you need to draw. Going through your days dealing with soreness and discomfort is one thing. That’s what most people are going through. And even then, you should consider doctors that perform natural treatments – like a chiropractor – to prevent it from getting worse. But when you start to feel extreme pain on a consistent basis, that prevents you from doing routine daily activities – it’s probably time to see a Hackensack, NJ back pain doctor.

Specifically, if the extreme pain is lasting for more than 3 months, it’s technically called chronic back pain and it’s definitely time to make an appointment right away. So how do you know if pain is “extreme”, you ask? Sharp, shooting pain that causes you to stop walking at some points during the day is an example of extreme pain. Once your pain evolves from dull soreness that you can work through to sharp pain that you can’t, it’s time to start paying attention to it.

You may have a more serious condition or on your way to developing one. It could have been caused by a minor tweak while lifting or moving. It could be that, over time, the condition of your spine worsened and has led to a more serious issue – a pinched nerve is a good example. Both conditions that develop over time and traumatic incidents can lead to a pinched nerve and cause extreme pain.

These are conditions you’ll want to have diagnosed right away so you can get on the right treatment plan as soon as possible, whether it be non-surgical involving medication, physical therapy, and perhaps more – or surgery. Or, it could be that your pain is not due to a serious condition but has just increased in intensity. It’s still good to know and it’s always better safe than sorry.

So now you know when you should see a Hackensack, NJ back pain doctor. When your body tells you it’s time, go.

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