For Back Pain, Neck Pain and Other Discomforts, Americans Prefer Therapy Over Drugs

If you’ve ever experienced back pain or neck pain, you know that it can be agonizing. It is also one of the most common discomforts, as roughly two thirds of Americans report having it at least once in their lives, and many live with it on a daily basis. With so many people suffering, you might guess that people are turning to medication as a source of relief, but a new report that’s part of the Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Annual Study of Americans has found that most people are seeking out non-drug ways to escape the pain, even if their doctors suggest medication as a solution.

In a survey of over 6,000 patients, researchers have found that in most cases, people’s pain is so bad that they sought medical help, with some indicating that their pain was chronic and had been a fact of live for over five years. Though many have taken either prescription or over-the-counter drugs from time to time, 78% said that they would rather find an alternative approach and did not want to use medication if they could avoid it.

Much of this tendency is being driven by the nation’s recent opioid crisis, but it is also a function of people simply believing that there are other methods that are safer and more effective. People’s top choice of a treatment for back pain is physical therapy, which they believe is both safe and effective. Though they prefer this non-invasive approach, they are also open to surgery, stretching, strengthening and other self-care options.

The study’s authors write, “While public perceptions of options for drug-free pain management vary, these findings suggest that Americans are aware of the dangers associated with opioid misuse ad are open to drug-free alternatives for pain management. These developments could be a sign of a future where patients and healthcare professionals alike are trying drug-free treatment options before relying on opioids.”

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