Yoga That’s Safe for Your Spine? Let’s Talk About It

The Eastern practice of Yoga has seen an incredible growth in popularity in the Western World in recent years. From being a rather obscure micro-movement associated with the Hippies of the 1960s, it’s now a respected form of self-care and exercise practiced by millions of people the world over.

People with back problems are often reluctant to try new things because pain holds them back. They may be interested, but the fear of making matters worse is a sturdy roadblock to attempting new ways of caring for their bodies.

While Yoga is gentle, Yoga that’s safe for your spine is what you need to discover. It’s important that you be aware of the most helpful ways to practice Yoga, to derive maximum benefit.

Gentle exercise.

Yoga really is a gentle way to provide people who’ve injured their backs, or who have chronic problems in that area, to keep moving. But there are some important things they need to keep in mind when seeking Yoga that’s safe for the spine.

Yoga focuses on breathing to release muscle tension. It also promotes a meditative approach to movement which is highly beneficial to people with musculoskeletal issues. The practice of Yoga involves the sustained holding of “poses” which promote muscle strength and stretching. All these features are beneficial.

Yoga that’s safe for your spine should be approached with a few important restrictions to ensure your optimum spine health:

  • Talk to your back doctor or spine surgeon. Any type of exercise regimen you take on should have the approval of your medical professional.
  • For people with spine issues, bending and twisting can exacerbate existing problems. These types of movements are to be avoided.
  • To be effective, all Yoga poses should be held for no less that 30 seconds. This allows muscles to stretch and adapt, to derive the full benefit of the pose.
  • Yoga that’s safe for your spine avoids any movement involving bouncing, as this can be dangerous to your spine health.

Yoga that’s safe for your spine should be pursued under the direction of a certified Yoga instructor. The market is full of people who claim this status, but be diligent and find someone who’s genuinely and properly certified to instruct and lead you, to safeguard your spinal health.

An instructor with a minimum of 500 hours of training is always advised, but ask your therapeutic professional to recommend someone, before going ahead.

Once you’ve started a course of instruction in Yoga that’s safe for your spine, don’t forget to listen to your body. It will tell you when you’re pushing it too hard. Heed the messages it sends you, as you proceed.

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