The Top Reasons for Choosing a Clinic for Laser Spine Surgery in Hasbrouck Heights

laser_spine_surgery_3Laser spine surgery in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ  is one of the most effective methods of treating certain spinal conditions like herniated and bulging discs, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis. This is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed at outpatient facilities as well and involve much shorter recuperation periods than the traditional means of spinal surgery.

However, the success of laser spine surgery depends on the skills of the surgeon carrying out the procedure. According to physicians in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, laser spine surgery clinics have mushroomed in recent times. But you should carefully choose one. Given below are some helpful tips.

Check the Credentials of the Surgeon Who will Perform the Surgery

This is the most important tip. Because laser spine surgery can also be performed at outpatient facilities, there are rumors that some unscrupulous clinics get doctors from disciplines other than orthopedics to carry out these procedures. So before choosing a clinic for laser spine surgery, Hasbrouck Heights physicians recommend checking the credentials of the surgeon who will perform the operation. He should possess the following qualifications:

¸ He should be a licensed Spine and Orthopedic surgeon.

¸ He should have been trained in a reputable medical college.

¸ He should preferably have specialized training in spinal pathology.

¸ He must be experienced in diagnosing and treating all types of spinal conditions like deformities, degenerative diseases, fractures, and traumas.

Look for Testimonials by Other Patients

Testimonials from other patients help you judge how easy or difficult it is to work with a particular spine surgeon, how effective are his treatment methodologies, and the quality of patient care provided at the clinic.

A spinal surgeon should be able to diagnose your problem accurately, advise the best remedial process, and carry it out to perfection so that you can get back to enjoying your earlier standard of life. Like certificates and degrees, patient testimonials too indicate the efficiency levels of a surgeon.

Patient testimonials also help you gauge the professionalism of the staff at a clinic. For instance, these testimonials tell you how courteous and helpful are the staff of a spine surgery clinic and how adapt are they at anticipating and accommodating your needs.

Schedule a Consultation and Visit the Clinic before Committing to Surgery

Before choosing a clinic for laser spine surgery in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ physicians recommend scheduling a consultation with the surgeon and visiting his medical premises. A visit to the clinic is essential to find out if they adhere to the basic health and hygiene standards while a preliminary consultation with the surgeon will help you gauge your comfort level with him.