Technical Innovation Has Made Spinal Surgery Far Less Frightening

Many people are living with back pain, choosing to suffer in silence rather than pursue treatment. The reason for this is fear – people anticipate being told they’ll need surgery, and the idea terrifies them.

If you are among those who are enduring constant discomfort, you need to know that neck pain and back pain don’t always require surgery … and when they do, the surgery performed today is a far cry from the frightening, invasive procedures offered in the past.

Today’s spine surgery is minimally invasive. Rather than taking months to recover, today most patients are able to walk out of spinal surgery on the same day that it is performed, and many are back to normal activities in a matter of weeks.

Much of the change comes from the reduction in the size of the incision that is needed to access the area being operated on. Healing a big incision takes time, but fluoroscopy has made it possible for surgeons to make a one-inch incision rather than the six-to-eight-inch incision that was once needed to allow them to see damaged spinal structures and nerves.

Additionally, the tools that are used to operate are much smaller, and muscle and tissue no longer need to be cut in order to access the spine. Instead, small tubes are placed in the area being operated on, separating muscles and tissue while leaving them intact.

For those requiring cervical spinal surgery, there is a similar lack of muscle disruption, and discs that have deteriorated or collapsed can be removed and the area repaired through a bone graft or cervical disc replacement done through a small incision through the neck.

Recovery from today’s minimally invasive spinal surgery is so quick that though some patients will require an overnight in the hospital, most are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home in a matter of hours and returning to normal activities within days of their surgery.

With this being the case, those who are continuing to suffer in silence have good reason to make an appointment with our lumbar spine surgeon in New Jersey. Not only is there a good chance that you won’t need surgery at all, but even if you do you will find that it is a far less frightening, disruptive undertaking than you think it is.

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