A Spine Surgeon NJ Locals Trust Recommends Lifestyle Changes That Can Promote Better Spine Health

According to Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Roger Sperry, the spine is the motor that drives the brain. This claim is supported by his research which showed that 90 percent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the spine’s movement. Indeed, the condition of the spine supports many of the human body’s normal functioning, which is why the medical community cannot stress enough how important spine health is. The problem, however, is that so many people do not have a full grasp of what should be done to properly take care of their spine.

Often, it can seem like people normally do things every day that do anything but support spine health — and then they complain of persisting lower back pains, tension knots at the base of the necks, and shooting pains that not only greatly compromise their comfort but their ability to move as well.

But why subject your life to such discomforts when there are methods to prevent all that and ensure your well-being? A trusted spine surgeon NJ locals turn to for back injuries and other treatments recommends simple lifestyle changes that can make a whole lot of difference in spine health and the body’s functioning. Listed below are proven effective strategies for people suffering from common back pains and other spinal conditions.

1. Include more fiber in your diet. Roughage and other great sources of fiber not only help with weight management but also contribute significantly in ridding the body of harmful toxins that corrode the bones through regulated “waste disposal.” It’s worth noting that increased fiber intake is known as a good preventive method for osteoporosis, which everybody is at risk of developing as they age.

2. Determine the right weight for your body. So many people set weight goals that are not even healthy for their bone structure. The right weight is never simply about being in the lower digits, and feeling light; it’s about having enough body cushioning to make movement comfortable, as well as energy. To determine your ideal body weight, consulting a dietitian is the best thing to do. Once you find out what your weight should be, this may lead you to obsess less about losing weight and just focus more on doing what’s truly good for your body.

3. Eat what’s determined good for your bones. Foods rich in calcium, fiber, the right vitamins and minerals can improve bone density, flexibility and strength. Your spine becomes less prone to injuries and strains when it’s been nourished properly. Change your snacks and choose ones that can contribute to spine health such as various dairy products, citrus fruits, green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli, nuts and seeds, and popcorn. The great thing about these natural ingredients is that they’re also versatile; they can be prepared countless ways and you can be assured you’re getting the nutrients you need to strengthen your bones.

4. Drink more water than other beverages. Water lubricates the “padding” that connects bones. Also, it’s essential to the body’s healing process. Not drinking enough water can lead to severe back pains and cause the back to naturally bend.

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