I Found a Spine Pain Specialist Near Me In Teaneck, NJ

Spine pain is something I’ve struggled with most of my life.  As time went by, it got worse.  I’ve often felt my life was passing me by.  It was an ongoing challenge – work, play and everything in between was affected by my spine pain.

I’ve tried every non-invasive treatment you can name.  Massage, acupuncture, physical therapy – the works.  Nothing helped.  While I was been doing all that, I was watching life slip away, like a spectator.

Life is a time limited offer, so I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of mine in pain.  I asked around and found a spine pain specialist near me in Teaneck, NJ, at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.

At Progressive Spine, they’re dedicated to the treatment of your body’s pillar – the spinal column.  Because having a healthy, well-functioning spine is so crucial to living life to the fullest, Progressive’s team is focused on medical support that brings hope to people suffering from spinal pain.

I was in pain.  Progressive offered me a solution.

New Jersey’s leading spine pain specialist.

I knew all about Dr. Rovner’s outstanding reputation when I went for my consultation at Progressive Spine.  He’s an award-winning spine pain specialist near me in Teaneck, NJ who’s been instrumental in helping many people with chronic spine pain issues.

This board-certified orthopaedic surgeon took the time to get to know me and my history.  He asked about the treatments I’d tried and how my condition had progressed through time.  Then his team ran a series of diagnostic tests to determine whether minimally-invasive spine surgery was a suitable therapy to solve my problem.

When I returned to consult with Dr. Rovner about the results of my diagnostics, he told me I was an ideal candidate for MISS and described the procedure he’d discerned to be best adapted to my needs.  He also told me I’d be working with a physiotherapist to learn how to take better care of and strengthen my back.

New Jersey Top Doctor.

Now that I’ve had my minimally-invasive spine surgery and I’m no longer a spectator, watching life pass by, I know why Dr. Rovner is a New Jersey Top Doctor.  His expert analysis of my condition was extremely precise and the solution he proposed was exactly what I needed.  Best of all, I recovered rapidly and was out of hospital in no time.  I was amazed at how little pain was involved.

Dr. Rovner has given me my life back, with his exceptional, patient-centered care.  And that’s priceless to me.  I wake up every morning full of life and ready to rock my day, now that my spine pain has been healed.

I found a spine pain specialist near me in Teaneck, NJ.

If you’re living with spine pain, don’t wait another minute.  Life is too short for debilitating pain.

Reach out to Progressive Spine and the award-winning care of Dr. Joshua Rovner.  Life is a time limited offer.  Get back to living it, with Progressive.