I Found a Gifted Spine Pain Specialist Near Me In Ridgefield, NJ

Back pain was a constant companion of mine in recent years and over time, it became progressively worse.  Everything from work to relationships was affected by the pain, preventing me from enjoying some of the best life had to offer.

And that’s no way to spend your life.

I tried every non-invasive pain relief method can you think of.  Drugs, massage, acupuncture – if it’s out there, I’ve tried it.  But my quest for pain relief got me nowhere.

You only go around once, so I was determined to get my quality of life back.  I did some research and found a spine pain specialist near me in Ridgefield, NJ, at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.

Progressive Spine is professionally dedicated to the care of the spine.  A well-functioning spine is key to overall health and wellness, so Progressive specializes in focused care that brings relief to people dealing with spine pain.

I was in pain and Progressive was there for me.

New Jersey’s leading spine pain specialist.

I’d read about Dr. Rovner and his incredible reputation before attending my consultation at Progressive Spine.  He’s a gifted spine pain specialist near me in Ridgefield, NJ who’s brought relief to many people.

This orthopaedic specialist took the time to explore my pain history with me.  He asked about the various therapies I’d tried and the progression of my spine issue as time had passed.  Then the team at Progressive ran a series of diagnostics to find the underlying problem and decide whether minimally-invasive spine surgery was the right response for me.

When I went back to discuss my results with Dr. Rovner, he told me I was an ideal candidate for MISS.  He described the procedure he’d decided would be best for resolving the problem.  He also advised that I’d need to work with a physiotherapist to learn how to care for my back and defend it against re-injury.

New Jersey Top Doctor.

Now that I’ve recovered from my minimally-invasive spine surgery and I’m enjoying all the best life offers pain-free, I know why Dr. Rovner is a New Jersey Top Doctor.  His approach to my condition was expertly considered and the surgical solution he offered was clearly the right one.  Best of all, I was released from the hospital in very little time and experienced minimal pain.

I’m eternally grateful for what Dr. Rovner and Progressive Spine did for me.

The team at Progressive has given me back my life and that’s a dream come true.  I wake up every morning ready to take on the world now that I’m not battling spine pain.

I found a spine pain specialist near me in Ridgefield, NJ.

If you’re living with spine pain, don’t spend another minute letting it keep you down.  Being in pain is no way to spend your life.

Reach out to Progressive Spine and the award-winning support of Dr. Joshua Rovner.  You only go around once.  Make sure your go around is the best it can be, with Progressive.