When I Needed a Spine Pain Specialist Near Me In Englewood, NJ, Progressive Spine Was There

Chronic spine pain is something I’ve faced almost every day of my life.  As I got older it got worse, which means I’ve often felt like life was passing me by.  It was a chronic problem that made most days a struggle – work, play and everything in between.

I’d tried all the non-invasive options.  Massage, drugs, acupuncture – you name it.  But nothing worked.  While I’d been doing all that, I’ve watched my life slip away.  You only get so much time on this earth and I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of mine in pain.  I did some research and found a spine pain specialist near me in Englewood, NJ, at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.

At Progressive Spine, they’re committed to the care and treatment of your body’s pillar – the spinal column.  Because the health of your spine is so crucial to living a full and productive life, Progressive’s team, led by orthopaedic specialist Dr. Joshua Rovner, is focused on medical support that brings hope to people suffering from spine pain.

I had pain.  Progressive had solutions.

New Jersey’s premier spine pain specialist.

I went for my consultation at Progressive knowing about Dr. Rovner’s incredible reputation.  He’s an award-winning spine pain specialist near me in Englewood, NJ who’s helped so many people with chronic spine pain issues.

This board-certified orthopaedic surgeon took the time to get to know me and my history.  He asked about the treatments I’d tried and the progression of the pain.  Then his team ran a series of tests to determine the suitability of minimally-invasive spine surgery to finally resolve the problem.

When I returned to hear about the results of my diagnostics, Dr. Rovner told me I was a good candidate for MISS and described the procedure he had determined was right for my situation.  He also advised that I’d be working with a physiotherapist to learn how to take better care of my back and strengthen the muscles that support my spine.

New Jersey Top Doctor.

Now that I’ve had my minimally-invasive spine surgery and I’m on the mend, I understand why Dr. Rovner is a New Jersey Top Doctor.  His analysis of my problem was extremely accurate.  His surgical solution was exactly what I needed.  Best of all, I recovered so quickly and there was barely any pain to speak of.

With exceptional, patient-centered care, Dr. Rovner has given me my life back.  I’m no longer watching it pass me by.  I wake up every day full of life and renewed vigor, now that my spine pain issue has been healed.

I found a spine pain specialist near me in Englewood, NJ.

If you’ve been struggling with spine pain and have exhausted all the conservative options, don’t wait another minute.  Life is too short to live it in pain.

Reach out to Progressive Spine and the award-winning expertise of Dr. Joshua Rovner.  Life has an expiration date.  Get back to living it, with Progressive.