Spinal Tumor Treatment In NJ

The word “tumor” comes with a lot of baggage. When people hear it, they immediately associate it with pathologies which are malignant in nature. But in the case of spinal tumors, that’s not always the truth.

Many tumors found in the spine and its structures are benign. They’re also slow to develop, or to cause neurological difficulties. That’s why it’s so important that people listen to what their spine is telling their brains. If it’s telling you it hurts, ignoring the message can give rise to complex medical problems you’d rather not have.

When tumors develop on the spine, a surgical response is recommended, as they can cause pressure on the vertebrae which leads to pain. When malignant, as they sometimes are, they can be removed, but often a course of chemotherapy will be indicated to increase patient chances for full remission.

Varieties of spinal tumors.

Primary tumors in the vertebral column are relatively rare and usually seen to occur in younger adults. These tumors are slow-growing which means they can be difficult to detect, due to their ubiquity in otherwise healthy young adults.

When cancer is present in other areas of the body, it can metastasize (spread), affecting other organs and systems, including the spine. In the case of women, metastasizing cancer often originates in the breast or lung. With men, this type of cancer can also originate in the lung, or in the prostate gland.

Intradural and extramedullary tumors are benign and sited in the spinal canal. Slow to increase in size, they’re still capable of causing pain and weakness in those who experience them. Women in mid-life may have these occurring in the membranes around the spinal cord. A biopsy is indicated, as these can sometimes be malignant in this demographic group.

Spinal tumor treatment in NJ is a complex procedure to relieve the pain caused by these growths.

Expert spinal tumor treatment in NJ.

Our orthopaedic lead at Progressive Spine is Dr. Joshua Rovner. He’s dedicated to individualized, patient-centered care that acknowledges the individuality of every patient. This is an especially important consideration for patients with spinal tumors, as their complex nature demands personalized, expert care.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re in pain and suspect there may be a serious problem. We’re glad you’re looking for a reputable source of spinal tumor treatment in NJ. You’ve found the expert care you need here at Progressive Spine, with Dr. Joshua Rovner.

Spinal tumor treatment in NJ is only a call away, with the team at Progressive Spine. Our state-of-the-art care is focused on patient wellness and timely intervention. Our job is to offer you the most clinically sound spinal tumor treatment available in New Jersey.

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