Laser Spine Surgery

You are here because you want to fully understand your spine condition

You want to know all your options.

You want an unbiased opinion.

You don’t want to be sold.

You want an open forum where you can ask all your questions.

You want to talk to an…

Open Minded Surgeon

I’m Dr. Rovner – the Open Minded Surgeon.

But it’s a reputation I’ve worked hard to live by.

The most important thing to me is to :

  • Diagnose you accurately
  • Determine which options (including laser spine surgery) can help you
  • Discuss them with you until you understand the risks and benefits of each
  • Discuss treatment or refer you to one of my trusted partners

The 4 D’s. And once we’re done with those four, we’ll work on the fifth D: “Done with back pain”.

All Treatments Considered

While some surgeons prefer one treatment to another, I treat all procedures equally – as procedures that could potentially help you – until they’re ruled out.

Some surgeons would never recommend laser spine surgery. Instead of taking that same path, I chose to find laser spine surgeon partners to work with that I can trust and refer you to – and that I know can help you.

When you visit me, we’ll explore each of your treatment options equally. Sure, I’ll tell you which one I think is best for you but, in the end, it’s your choice to make after fully understanding each option.

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