Should You Get Laser Spine Surgery? NJ Doctor Explains The Rewards And Risks Of The Procedure

Technology has created great tools for medical procedures and these equipment or tools have certainly elevated the way treatments are performed. However, many of these still deal with a number of limitations and they are only designed for a very specific purpose. Laser, for example, is now used for a multitude of medical procedures; many call it the tool of the future for it helps make processes clean and so much faster to complete. Likewise, it offers the advantage of impressive precision especially for spot treatments.

Nowadays, laser is already used for spine surgery; NJ spine surgeons claim that this tool offers a host of attractive benefits that are surely worth considering if you’re getting treatment. One of them is faster recovery time after a minimally invasive procedure; this means that a patient can easily resume regular activities. Here’s another one: If laser spine surgery is performed by experts, surgeons say, damaged discs can be shrunk without affecting nearby nerves.

The surgical professionals, however, warn of the risks of opting for laser spine surgery; these are worthy of consideration as well to determine if the procedure is suitable for the spine condition you wish to treat. As mentioned earlier, there’s a limitation to certain medical tools or equipment, and it’s basically the same thing with the laser scalpel for spine surgery. It’s important to establish the gravity of the condition to be treated first, since the laser scalpel is most ideal for minor spine conditions. Suffice it to say, laser is not that versatile – but when it comes to certain procedures, it really does outperform traditional tools.

Another risk presented by the surgeon is the possibility of damaging surrounding nerves. The heat released by the laser scalpel can cause damage to nearby nerves, which can then lead to more pain than what you originally were suffering from. Spinal surgery is for correction and pain alleviation; therefore, this purpose will be defeated if nerve damage is created by the procedure.

There you have it – the rewards and risks of choosing laser spine surgery. If you’re suffering from a condition for which using a laser scalpel is deemed best, good for you, because the procedure can be completed quickly and recovery is fast as well. But if you’re to undergo a demanding major surgery for your spine, it’s best to opt for the tried and true traditional method to minimize risks and ensure complete success of the procedure. The good thing in knowing these is that you can understand your options better and make a thoroughly informed decision for the effective treatment of your specific condition.

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