Your Search for the Best Spine Doctor in New Jersey


If you’ve reached this page, I hope you’ve come to the end of your search. But I’m not here to tell you I’m the best spine doctor in New Jersey. I won’t even tell you I’m the best spine doctor for every patient that comes in my doors. And I might not be the best spine doctor for you.

But I do want to give you the tools you need to figure it out on your own.

While getting spine surgery is not a matter of life or death for you, it could certainly give you a new lease on life. So, the decision to find the best spine doctor isn’t one to be taken lightly. When interviewing potential doctors, you should first ask:

What is Your Treatment Plan For Me?

HIs answer should be that he wants to exhaust all non-surgical options first. If he doesn’t say that, continue on to the next candidate. The best spine doctor in New Jersey would not jump to surgery as a first option. So, the first step in his treatment plan should be to run a full set of diagnostic tests, analyze the history of your pain, and perform a complete examination. Then, he’d offer any possible non-surgical options.

Another question you should ask comes after all non-surgical options have been exhausted. It revolves around the doctor’s experience and is a simple one. But it’s also one you might have been nervous to ask:

How Many Times Have You Done the Procedure I Need?

It might seem like an insulting question – one that might make the doctor upset or defensive. But if it does, then he isn’t the best spine doctor in New Jersey either. There’s a difference between confidence he can help you and having your best interest in mind.

This is a perfect example of when I might not be the best spine doctor in New Jersey for you. If you need a particular procedure and I don’t have the amount of experience with it you were hoping for, then it’s your right to know that and to continue your search. The best spine doctor would refer you to someone he knows who has the experience you’re looking for.

Now, keep in mind, less experience isn’t necessarily bad. If you have a good rapport with the doctor and trust him to perform the procedure with his level of experience, than do that. But, it is something you should know and consider.

Along the same lines, ask him:

If I Wanted a Second Opinion At Any Point, Who Would You Send Me To?

His attitude as he replies to this question can be a good gauge if he’s someone you want as your doctor. He might say it depends on your condition and where you are in treatment –  which is a good answer. But ask him for at least one other doctor he’d recommend based on what he knows about your case. Then, do some research on that doctor as well. It will give you even more of a feel for his philosophy.

Those 3 questions are a good place to start when asking your candidates for best spine doctor in New Jersey. Make sure you listen to their answers while keeping in mind the attitude, experience, and philosophy you’re looking for in a doctor.

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