Revision Spine Surgery in New York City

Revision Spine Surgery in New York CityRevision Spine Surgery New York City is for correcting the issues that surface after the initial surgery. Many issues surface quite early or within a few months, but there are also certain problems that can crop up after a long time. After certain spinal surgery the functioning and movement of the spinal column could be altered, which leads to acceleration of degeneration of particular spinal levels, and weakening or excess strain on ligaments and muscles supporting the spinal column.

Common Late Onset Issues

Revision Spine Surgery New York City is often advised for correcting these usual late onset issues:

ß Spinal junctional failure

ß Compensatory curvatures of the spine

ß Decompensation

ß Crankshaft

ß Progression of spinal curvature long after scoliosis surgery

Progressive Deformity in Scoliosis

Surgery is one of the best options for treating scoliosis and correcting deformity in children and adolescents. However, even with outstanding results after the initial surgery, there are chances of progressive spinal column deformity occurring with the spinal growth. When the deformity happens in the anterior spinal portion after being fused posteriorly, it is called crankshaft. Even with a successful fusion at the spine’s back, the front portion can continue growing, which will twist the column and cause progressive deformity.

Accelerated Wear and Tear

After many years of a successful fusion surgery, there is possibility of accelerated degeneration in adjacent levels to the initial surgery. This wear and tear phenomenon is known as junctional failure, which leads to instability, pain, compression of nerves, or spinal column deformity. Revision Spine Surgery New York City is recommended for treating and correcting these late onset issues. In certain patients, the spinal area that has undergone surgical procedure can age at an accelerated rate. New deformities in the spinal column are possible with such premature aging or by the additional attempt of the body for overcoming spinal fusion effects.


Decompensation is a state where the trunk and head are not properly centered in a standing posture, which results in loss of spinal balance. This type of deformity is possible long time after initial spinal surgery, especially after surgical procedure for scoliosis. If Harrington roads were used the patient is likely to develop a highly stooped posture, which can occur after many years or even after a few decades. The patient will experience discomfort in standing straight, and fatigue in the lower back. This condition can also be treated successfully with Revision Spine Surgery New York City.