Revision Spine Surgery in Rutherford NJ

Revision Spine Surgery in Rutherford NJ Revision Spine Surgery Rutherford NJ is mainly performed for correcting a prior spinal surgery or for healing symptoms that have arisen after the initial surgery. Due to the complex nature of spinal problems, a patient might need several surgeries, and therefore revision surgery is quite common. Problems can occur at different times after the initial surgery, and here we discuss the issues arising quite soon after the prior spinal operation.

Revision Spine Surgery Rutherford NJ for Decompression Issues

Revision surgery can be required for decompressing the spinal column. This will involve removal of bone or soft tissue for freeing the compression occurring around neural points. This is quite common procedure when the patient is suffering from herniated discs or spinal stenosis after the initial operation. Usually the success rate for this procedure is quite high, but there can be poor results when the patient has:

ÿ Chronic nerve issues

ÿ Recurrent herniation of discs

ÿ Repeated spinal stenosis

ÿ Onset of infections

ÿ Decompression is not completed

ÿ Incorrect diagnosis

Even when the initial surgery was successful, there can be new herniated disc or redevelopment of spinal stenosis, which is narrowing of the spinal column. Nerve compression can also occur at another segment, even if the decompression procedure had been successfully done on another segment previously. Even when decompression is done fully, chronic nerve issues might require revision surgery.

Revision Spine Surgery Rutherford NJ for Fusion Related Issues

Spinal fusion is to do with growth of bones that prevent independent movements of the bones. The procedure for correcting the fused bones could use bone bank tissue, graft of the patient’s bone, or use of instrumentation such as screws. When a fusion surgery is successful the bones will grow across the level required. However, several problems can occur after spinal fusion operation, which may require revision surgery. These problems include:

v Fusion fails to develop

v Instrumentation gets loose

v Harvest site for the bone is painful

v Instrumentation is causing irritation to nerves

v Spine is poorly aligned

v Diagnosis of the problem is incomplete

v Onset of infection

The required fusion does not develop in several cases even with the best of surgeons and use of instrumentation. Factors governing bone growth are quite complex and it is not possible to predict the success of fusion surgery. Therefore, most times the patient will require Revision Spine Surgery Rutherford NJ.