Revision Spine Surgery in Englewood NJ

Revision Spine Surgery in Englewood NJAfter undergoing spinal surgery many patients still complain of pain and fatigue or altered trunk position or a loss of balance. Revision Spine Surgery Englewood NJ therefore becomes necessary to correct such issues. The patient might feel as though he is falling forward or to one side.

This condition is called flatback, and it could be caused by implantation of Harrington rods that were being used for correcting scoliosis curves. Patients could also be seeking solutions for deformities that occur after the initial spinal operation, when they perceive a change in their height or they feel their clothes are fitting them differently.

An Evaluation for a Revision Spine Surgery

The underlying medical issues can be determined by the type of pain and where it is experienced, as well as other symptoms that have developed since the initial surgery. For instance, people who have developed pseudarthrosis will complain of pains when they are involved in physical activities. They describe the ache to be dull and consistent, or they could feel it like a severe bruise.

Many patients complain of the pain becoming worse when they twist or bend their bodies or when they lift weights. Sometimes the patient might experience pain in the leg or back that feels like severe burning or like an electrical shock. In such instances, the patient might be suffering from a neurological issue that is caused by compression of a nerve root.

Revision Spine Surgery Englewood NJ is also required when patients complain of back pain that occurs below or above the site of prior fusion surgery. Such pain usually gets worse by the end of the day and the patient could experience other muscular symptoms as well. This is mainly due to the weakening of the vertebral bones as they undergo more strain and fatigue due to the extra pressure put on them due to the prior surgery.

Pain after the Surgery

In case of neurological pain that could occur immediately after the first surgery is mainly due to pressure put on the spinal cord or nerve root by the implants. If the pain starts after some times has marched by after the first surgery, then it could be a case of arthritis, degeneration of bones, or infection.

Diagnosis Procedures for Revision Spine Surgery Englewood NJ

Several types of imaging techniques are used for diagnosing the patient’s condition and determining if the patient requires revision surgery. The imaging techniques include CT scans, CT myelogram, and X-rays.