Revision Spinal Surgery for Herniated Disc In Summit, NJ

Progressive Spine Restores Patient Trust.

There’s no doubt that the day will come when risk-free surgery is a reality.   For the time being, though, every surgical procedure comes with risk.  It’s important that surgeons share this truth with patients facing surgery of any kind.  While medical advances have vastly improved outcomes, surgery should always be approached as a serious matter.

Infection is the most common risk involved in surgical procedures.  When it’s spinal surgery, infections can provoke complications which may only be addressed by a supplemental intervention.

You may be reading this because you require revision surgery.  You may have lost some of your trust in doctors.  Whether you were diagnosed inaccurately or didn’t heal properly due to an infection or other factors, the team at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics is here to restore your trust.

At Progressive, we understand.

At Progressive Spine, we understand it’s hard to accept that your spine surgery requires revision.  You’ve had one surgery and now, you need another.  Having been through it already, facing surgery again may seem overwhelming.

At Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics, we get that.  We know revision seems like moving backwards.  We know you’re nervous about having another surgery.  With revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Summit, NJ, you may be even more nervous than you were about the original procedure.

Revision spinal surgery can seem like a setback.  But with Progressive Spine, you’ll be going into the procedure with one of our region’s top orthopaedic surgeons.

An outstanding surgeon.

Dr. Joshua Rovner is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  One of the most respected spine surgeons in the states of New York and New Jersey, Dr. Rovner is widely renowned by his patients and peers as a caring, consummate professional.

“Sincere and completely open about your healthcare.”

                                                                                                                            James, Wayne, NJ

At Progressive, we’re aware that those facing revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Summit, NJ may have reservations.  Trust has been lost.   It’s our goal to restore that trust by offering exceptional care and a successful revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Summit, NJ.

Dr. Rovner models open dialogue with his patients.  They know they can count on him to walk them through every phase of revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Summit, NJ and the rehabilitative therapy that guarantees its success.

Restoring your trust.

A foundational element of any successful surgery is patient trust.  With revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Summit, NJ, it’s crucial.  At Progressive Spine, our mission is to restore the trust of patients facing revision for unsuccessful spinal surgery.

Dr. Rovner and the Progressive Spine team are committed to providing excellent care, offering revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Summit, NJ to patients that renews their trust and restores them to normal function.

Contact us to put your revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in the hands of a compassionate team, dedicated to your wellbeing and complete recovery.