Revision Spinal Surgery for Herniated Disc In Chatham, NJ – Renewing Patient Trust

“Risk free” surgery.  We all wish there was such a thing, but every surgery comes with a certain element of risk.  It’s important that all surgeons share this truth with patients awaiting surgical procedures.  While modern medical advances have drastically improved outcomes, surgery is to be approached as a serious undertaking.

Infection is the greatest risk involved in surgery.  When it’s spinal surgery, infections can create serious complications which may only be resolved by a second intervention.

You may be reading this because you’re in that position, right now.  It’s probable that you’ve lost some of your trust in the medical profession.  Whether you were improperly diagnosed or healed inadequately due to an infection or other factors, the specialized excellence at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics is here to renew your trust.

Renewing your trust.

At Progressive Spine, we understand it can be difficult to accept that your surgery requires revision.  You’ve been through one procedure and now face another, with a different surgeon.  Having been through it once, facing surgery again seems unfair.

At Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics, we understand.  We know you don’t relish having another surgery.  We know that surgery comes with a certain amount of anxiety.  With revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Chatham, NJ, the prospect may be even more daunting.

Revision spinal surgery can make you feel like you’re moving backward, instead of forward.  But with Progressive Spine, you’ll be facing your revision with one of New Jersey’s top orthopaedic surgeons.

Board-certified.  Renowned.

Dr. Joshua Rovner is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  One of the most acclaimed spine surgeons in the states of New York and New Jersey, Dr. Rovner is widely renowned by his patients and peers as an outstanding, compassionate professional.

“Sincere and completely open about your healthcare.”

James, Wayne, NJ

The team at Progressive knows that patients facing revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Chatham, NJ have serious reservations.  They may have lost trust in surgeons.   It’s our job to restore that trust by offering exceptional care and a successful revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Chatham, NJ.

Dr. Rovner believes that dialogue with the patient is fundamental.  His patients know they can rely on him to walk them through every step of revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Chatham, NJ and the rehabilitative therapy that will guarantee its ultimate success.

Renewing trust.

A key element of any successful surgery is patient trust.  With revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Chatham, NJ, it’s critical.  At Progressive Spine, our goal is to restore the trust of our patients facing revision for unsuccessful spinal surgery.

Dr. Rovner and his team are here to help, offering revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in Chatham, NJ to our patients that renews their trust by restoring them to normal function.

Contact us to put your revision spinal surgery for herniated disc in the hands of our caring specialists.  We’re the team you can trust.