Top Reasons Why Spine Surgery May Be Right for You

At Progressive Spine, we take a conservative approach to treating back pain.  We prefer to exhaust non-invasive options before recommending surgery, in almost every instance.  But there are times when spine surgery is the right decision to make.

To begin with, some of our patients come to us debilitated by back pain.  Many of them have already run the gamut of therapeutic options.  For them, spine surgery can mean the last leg of a long journey toward a better quality of life.

But that’s not the only time we’re going to recommend it.  Following are the top reasons why spine surgery may be for you.

A weakened spine.

Long term back pain can lead to a weakening of the spine.  Back pain can keep people from exercising to maintain spine strength by keeping the supporting muscles in shape.

A healthy spine is the pillar of your body.  It’s what holds you upright and makes it possible for you to keep doing all the things you like and need to do.  But when it becomes weak, the systems that support its normal function begin to fall apart, creating instability which can cascade through your entire body, creating spinoff effects.

That instability can mean bone fractures, injury to the discs and severe spinal dysfunction that leads to incapacitation.  In cases like these, there’s little doubt that the Progressive team would recommend a surgical solution to stabilize the spine and strengthen it.

Improper alignment.

People living with improper alignment of the spine, or an abnormal curvature, may be helped with non-invasive treatments like back braces.  Children and youth, because they’re still growing, have a good chance of material improvement with conservative therapies.

But there’s a certain point at which the curvature has progressed to a degree that it makes performing even simple physical tasks painful and even impossible.  For people with conditions like scoliosis and kyphosis, surgical solutions are recommended to return the spine to normal alignment in cases where the curvature has reached a critical point.

Nerve pressure.

Pressure on the nerves in your spine can cause pain.  That pain is a signal that there’s dysfunction in need of attention.  As with the other top reasons why spine surgery may be for you, conservative approaches can be successful in relieving pressure on the nerves, but that’s not a given.

Nerve pain may have its origins in spinal misalignment, but it can also signal an underlying cause like spinal stenosis.  The pain from a nerve or nerves under pressure can be addressed with minimally invasive surgical therapies that can prevent the problem becoming more serious than it needs to.

Find out if spine surgery is right for you.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been looking for answers.  If you’ve been suffering from back pain and have attempted non-invasive therapies, the Progressive Spine team encourages you to contact us for a consultation.

There’s no need to suffer from back pain. Come and talk to us about surgical solutions that can drastically improve your quality of life.

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