Is Your Poor Posture Adding to Your Back Pain?

If you are suffering from back or neck pain that only strikes at work, there’s a chance that the problem is not from a medical problem as much as it is from poor posture. There have been numerous studies that have pointed to poor workplace ergonomics or constantly staring down at a smartphone as the cause intermittent back and neck pain. At our cervical spine specialty practice, we constantly encourage people to lighten the load in their backpacks and handbags and to do exercises geared towards improving their posture to provide relief from temporary discomfort.

There are numerous approaches to correcting poor posture A recent episode of the popular television show Shark Tank highlighted the problem, and offered a novel product that can help you improve your posture while sitting at your desk. It’s called the BetterBack, and many people have found it has relieved some of their stress and taught them the proper position that they should be sitting in. The BetterBack is a harness that has a soft pad that goes around your back and a set of straps that loop around your knees. The tension that is created while you are seated at your desk while wearing it is a constant reminder to assume a healthier seated position, eliminating stress on the back and helping you to learn better spinal alignment.
The product is not a cure for a medical problem, nor was it designed to be. It is simply a tool for helping improve your posture.

Another approach that is designed to relieve neck pain is the use of an elevated stand for your computer monitor, a standing desk converter or an adjustable height desk. These allow you to work while your trunk is in an upright position, without the slouching forward that naturally occurs while sitting and looking at a computer screen that is positioned below eye level. Having your monitor at a direct line with your eyes, either by using a separate monitor mount that connects to your desk or an elevated platform, can relieve strain on the neck and avoid spasm and stress.

If you have a medical problem such as a herniated disc or sciatic nerve pain or have chronic pain that has not yet been diagnosed, we strongly encourage you to visit our cervical and lumbar spine surgery practice. It is always our goal to find the most conservative approach available to provide you with relief from your symptoms, and that starts with a comprehensive examination. Where appropriate, we may prescribe a course of exercise, injections, physical therapy or other treatments as warranted by your particular situation. You may be a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery, which is designed to allow you to eliminate the concerns of traditional back surgery and replace it with a safer, less invasive option. Contact our office for a diagnosis. It’s our goal to put you on the road to recovery in the least intrusive way possible.

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