Study Shows Reduced Risk of Opioid Use After Spine Surgery

With opioid dependency reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, it’s no wonder that spine surgeons and patients alike are concerned. Patients suffering from back pain are often prescribed the powerful painkillers by well-meaning physicians long before they ever consult with a specialist, and physicians need to weigh the best approach to pain management after… Continue Reading

Dos and Don’ts After Spine Surgery

If we’ve diagnosed you with a problem that requires surgery, you’re probably concerned, and maybe a little scared. Though the mention of the word surgery strikes fear into many hearts, the truth is that the introduction of minimally-invasive surgical techniques has been a real game changer for patients, allowing the specialists at our neck and… Continue Reading

Solving Lower Back Pain

If you’ve never experienced lower back pain, consider yourself lucky, and if you have, consider yourself a member of a long-suffering majority. Statistically speaking, eight in every ten Americans will have back pain at some point. There are some times that you know exactly why your back is hurting – maybe you fell or were… Continue Reading