Fighting Back-to-School Back Pain

Whether we’re talking about a middle schooler, college student, or even a teacher, back-to-school time can bring neck and back pain. This has become even more true in recent years, as the academic world has required its community to carry increasingly heavy books and more and more stuff. The truth is that you don’t have… Continue Reading

Where to Turn When Back Pain Strikes

Back pain accounts for more appointments made with physicians than anything but the common cold. The National Institute of Health says one out of every four of us has had back pain in the last few months. For some of us, back pain is a temporary issue, but for others, it is a constant, relentless… Continue Reading

Weightlifting’s Role In Addressing Back Pain

One of the most common assumptions made by people suffering from back pain is that they have to stop exercising. Whether you’re a runner, a yoga enthusiast, a gym rat, or just love your Zumba class, the truth is that staying away from exercise  could actually end up working against your recuperation: stretching and strengthening… Continue Reading

Study Shows That Obesity, Smoking and Physical Work Boost Risk of Lower Back Pain

Though an estimated 80% of all adults in the United States will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, a recent study published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research has identified three lifestyle factors — smoking, obesity, and strenuous physical work — that make people far more vulnerable to the condition.… Continue Reading

New Study Reviews Impact of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery on Lumbar Fusion Patients

Many physicians suggest that obese patients who are candidates for lumbar fusion surgery pursue a weight loss program prior to their surgery in order to improve their overall health. A new study conducted by a researcher from the Montefiore Medical Center has refined that recommendation. Though Woojin Cho agrees that patients need to take steps… Continue Reading