How Your Mind Can Help With Back Pain

Back pain is a very real problem. Eight out of ten people in the United States experience it at some point in their lives, usually as a result of some kind of injury or degenerative process. Though the best way to address chronic neck or back pain is to seek help from a cervical spine… Continue Reading

New Technology May Help High Risk Spinal Fusion Patients

There are many reasons why patients may need to undergo spinal fusion surgery. Most patients that undergo this procedure at our lumbar spine specialty practice in New Jersey have been diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis or lumbar spinal stenosis and have not been able to benefit from other treatment options. The… Continue Reading

Sleeping with Back Pain

If you’re living with neck or back pain, you know that it’s a struggle at all times of the day, and in all aspects of your life. But when it comes to the frustration of back pain, there’s not a time where that’s greater than when you’re trying to get to sleep. Pain is exhausting,… Continue Reading

Gallup Poll Looks at Attitudes and Experiences Regarding Neck and Back Pain

When it comes to understanding how Americans feel and think, there are few companies with a more recognizable name or reputation than Gallup, Inc.  The research company is best known for conducting comprehensive public opinion polls to help organizations and the public understand how best to provide needed services. The company recently conducted a study… Continue Reading

Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain Can Reduce Opioid Use

When patients are first seen at our spine specialty practice in New Jersey, they go through a comprehensive diagnostic process geared towards helping us understand how your condition developed as well as how it is manifesting physically. Once we’ve assessed your situation and what is causing your pain, we usually suggest starting with a conservative… Continue Reading

The Right Route to Recovery After Microdiscectomy Herniated Disc Surgery

Whether you are anticipating undergoing microdiscectomy for a herniated disc or have just gone through the process, knowing the right follow-up behavior is essential to optimizing your recovery. Though you may have discussed the idea of relaxing and recuperating with friends and family members, the truth is that is the exact wrong approach.  It is… Continue Reading

Neck Pain? Here Are Five Possible Causes

One day you’re feeling perfectly normal, and then the next you can’t turn your head without seeing stars. Neck pain can range in severity, but it’s always, well, a pain in the neck. In most cases, the discomfort of neck pain is all-consuming for a couple of days and then magically disappears, as though it… Continue Reading