Reasons for Revision Spine Surgery

There’s no denying the fact that revision spine surgery represents a significant disappointment for patients. Nobody wants to hear that their first surgery didn’t address the problem and that they need to go back for more. Unfortunately, there are some instances where revisions are required. Here are the most common reasons. Repeated Disc Herniations Patients… Continue Reading

3D Printing and Spine Surgery

Though 3D printing is still a foreign concept to most of us, it has been used in medicine since 1999, when researchers from Wake Forest Institute printed a sort of skeletal structure to support a human bladder. That innovation was coated with patients’ own cells, which generated tissue that was not at risk for rejection… Continue Reading

Is My Headache Coming From My Neck?

We’ve all heard the phrase “pain in the neck,” and we’ve all suffered from headaches. But did you know that if you’re suffering from both, the two might be connected? There are plenty of causes for headaches. It can be something as simple as dehydration or lack of sleep and it can be something as… Continue Reading

The Two Different Types of Spine Surgery

Many times, patients suffering from neck or back pain are hesitant about making an appointment with a spine specialist. They fear that they will automatically be set on a surgical path that they are neither emotionally prepared for nor convinced that they need. At our lumbar spine specialty practice in New Jersey, we take a… Continue Reading

Can You Do Your Own Physical Therapy?

If back or neck pain have become your constant companion, your body is trying to tell you something important. Perhaps the message is that you’re not practicing good posture and need to stand up straighter. Maybe it’s telling you that you need a better mattress or pillow, or that you need to get up and… Continue Reading

Ice Massage for Back Pain

The mere mention of ice massage is enough to set most people’s teeth on edge, but for people suffering from back or neck pain it can be a simple and effective solution. The supplies you need are free and available from your sink and freezer, and you can do it in the privacy of your… Continue Reading

Dealing With Day-to-Day Back Pain

There are many ways that we can hurt our backs, and many causes of back pain. Acute back pain can be the result of overuse or injury, while chronic pain can follow injury, degeneration, and structural changes such as narrowing of the spaces around the spinal cord, curvatures, bony growths and more. The best solution… Continue Reading

2020 Castle Connolly Top Doctor

The professional team at Progressive Spine & Orthopedics is thrilled to announce that Dr. Joshua S. Rovner has been selected as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for 2020.  Castle Connolly is a medical publisher that is dedicated to helping American consumers find the best healthcare available. Since 1991 their staff has been identifying medical facilities… Continue Reading

Waking Up With a Sore Neck

Waking up with a profoundly stiff neck is all-consuming while you’re going through it. There are few things more maddening then being unable to turn your head without pain, for no apparent reason. If you’re lucky, it goes away and you completely forget about it once it’s gone, but many of us suffer with chronic… Continue Reading