News Regarding Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is just one of the many treatment protocols that our New Jersey spine specialty practice uses to help patients suffering from chronic pain. Those who have had the procedure generally report a significant reduction in their discomfort, and a recent study showed that the procedure’s effects last more than a year and… Continue Reading

Does Obesity Contribute to Lower Back Pain?

There are many factors that make an individual vulnerable to lower back pain, including age, trauma, genetics, occupation, and others. Weight is frequently viewed as being associated with a higher frequency of lower back pain, and this is particularly true for those who fall into the category of being obese. A recent study set out… Continue Reading

How Soon Can You Drive After Cervical Spine Surgery?

When the cervical spine specialists at our spine specialty practice in New Jersey see patients, the first thing that they generally do after completing an examination and diagnosis is to see whether conservative approaches such as medication, exercise or physical therapy will provide the pain relief that patients need. In most cases, the non-invasive treatment… Continue Reading

Studies Point to Possible Injectable to Ease Chronic Lower Back and Neck Pain

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain. The solutions available range from conservative treatments like exercise and over-the-counter medications to minimally invasive spine surgery, and recent research is pointing to another solution that may be on the horizon. According to a study that was released in June of… Continue Reading

Tips for After Your Spine Surgery

If you are scheduled for lumbar or cervical spine surgery, you have put yourself on the path to relief. Still, we know that you have questions and concerns about the procedure, your safety, and what comes after your release from the hospital. Your recovery from spine surgery will depend upon many variables, including the type… Continue Reading

Will Refill and Patch Be the Future of Herniated Disc Treatment?

For anybody who has ever suffered the pain caused by a herniated disc, a new treatment approach announced in the pages of Science Translational Medicine will make perfect sense. According to lead researcher professor Lawrence Bonassar of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, he and his colleagues have developed a process for repairing herniation that… Continue Reading

Stem Cell Transplants and Neck Pain

At our New Jersey spine specialty practice, many of our patients come in seeking help for profound neck pain. The cervical spine is one of the marvels of nature, but it is also vulnerable to injury and degenerative processes. It consists of the seven vertebrae that are located between the base of your skull and… Continue Reading

Best and Worst Exercises for Back Pain

Exercising on a regular basis always requires dedication, but if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, then getting yourself to work out is even more of a challenge. There are so many exercises that are part of a standard routine that can exacerbate discomfort, and so many others that can alleviate pain. Which is which… Continue Reading