Why Has Your Back Become So Noisy?

One of the most common questions that we’re asked at our cervical and lumbar spine specialty practice in New Jersey is about the remarkable amount of noise that patients hear coming from their back. If it seems like every time you bend over or stretch you hear what sounds like castanets coming from your spine,… Continue Reading

How Pilates Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

Are you familiar with Pilates? This popular workout was the creation of Joseph Pilates back at the beginning of the 20th century, and it has long been lauded for its ability to help muscle conditioning. Beyond that benefit, many believe that it can help with lower back pain, countering the effect of too much sitting… Continue Reading

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Feeling back pain? You’re not alone! For some people it’s a mild discomfort, for others it’s sheer agony. Some of it has to do with the way that each of us perceives and manages pain, and a big part of it is the actual source of our pain. Though everybody’s pain is different, there are… Continue Reading

New Study Shows Mindfulness is Better than Painkillers for Relief of Chronic Low Back Pain

People who suffer from chronic low back pain want pain relief, but they want it their way. Most importantly, they want a solution that allows them to continue to enjoy their lives without risk of dependence on opioids. The good news is that researchers have found that is entirely possible. In fact, a recent study… Continue Reading

All the Reasons Your Back Might be Hurting

These days, finding common ground is more important than ever. There are plenty of shared interests and experiences that a simple conversation can reveal, and unfortunately, back pain is something that people from all backgrounds can relate to. Statistically speaking, eight out of ten people will suffer from back pain at some point in their… Continue Reading