Study Details Significant Improvement in Recovery Time For Minimally Invasive Surgery

A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons provided attendees with a stunning snapshot of the difference between recovery times for minimally invasive spine surgeries and standard open surgeries, as well as between two similar but different minimally invasive spine surgeries. The study was conducted by researchers at the… Continue Reading

What is ALIF and Why Is It a Good Option for People With Chronic Lower Back Pain

Many patients suffering from lower back pain find relief from a series of conservative treatments. At our lumbar spine practice in New Jersey we believe that identifying the treatment that is most effective and least invasive is always the best option. That’s why we offer medication, exercise, massage and other protocols before moving on to… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Housework Cause (or Worsen) Back Pain

When you think of a work-related back injury, you probably picture people working on loading docks, in factories, or on construction sites.  But the truth is that injuries can happen in all types of settings, and work consists of all different things – including housework. Like the most strenuous and physically taxing occupations, housework often… Continue Reading

Air Force Pilot Undergoes Prosthetic Disc Surgery

Prosthetic discs are becoming increasingly popular for patients who have suffered from significant disc problems, but that doesn’t mean that they are appropriate for all applications. Every patient is different and faces different types of stress that will be placed on their spine following surgery, but few face the kind of pressure that Colonel Todd… Continue Reading