When you wake up in the morning, are you greeted by the sound of pops and cracks coming from your neck and upper back?

It’s a disturbing fact of life that as we age, the various structures in our cervical spine begin to break down, and this leads to additional friction and uneven pressure that leads to the noises that you’re hearing. At its most basic, what you’re hearing is the result of degeneration of the surfaces of your… Continue Reading

Study Reveals Good Results from Ceramic Cervical Disc Replacement

Patients who are suffering from damage to the discs in their cervical spine have several different options for treatment. At our cervical spine specialty practice in New Jersey, we begin with a conservative approach whenever possible, favoring the use of over-the-counter medications, exercise, physical therapy and other non-invasive approaches before suggesting surgery. When those protocols… Continue Reading

Stretching Your Way Past Low Back Pain

Whether you wake up with back pain that eventually dissipates as you move through your day or you carry it with you constantly, the discomfort can impact your mood and your spirit just as much as it does your ability to perform your basic daily tasks, and there’s a good chance that things have gotten… Continue Reading

Methods of Managing Spinal Stenosis

As we get older, things start to fall apart. We develop aches and pains that we thought would only happen to other people. One of the most common is back pain caused by a condition known as spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a shift in the structure of the spine that occurs as we age.… Continue Reading

Know the Signs of Spine Compression Fractures

Having an aching back is one of the most common medical complaints, but knowing you’re your back is hurting isn’t enough. You need to know what’s behind your pain in order to make sure that you’re treating it appropriately. Though most people assume that back pain is either muscle strain or a herniated disc, for… Continue Reading

74-Year-Old Undergoes Rare “Awake” Spine Surgery in Israel

David Avital is a 74-year-old resident of Israel whose recent tumble left him in need of emergency surgery for a fractured spine. But his previously existing heart and lung conditions meant that undergoing traditional back surgery would leave him extremely vulnerable to potentially fatal complications in the midst of the surgery. Fortunately, Avital had access… Continue Reading