Nutrition Tips to Consider After Back Surgery

Any surgery represents a traumatic event, where your body is concerned.  The same is true of back surgery.  For healing to occur as quickly as possible, you should be taking the best possible care of yourself.  Quitting smoking, doctor-directed, mild exercise and nutrition are all part of the recovery effort that you can help with.

All these components of rehabilitation are important, but these nutrition tips to consider after back surgery are powerful medicine that will promote and support your recovery.

Keep it simple.

Food in Italy is beautiful, because it’s simple.  Pasta sauces keep ingredients to a minimum and the noodles aren’t drowned in sauce.  Pizzas aren’t smothered with toppings, but covered only with a few choice favourites to ensure the diner tastes them as they were intended to be tasted.

Your nutrition following back surgery should be smart, like Italy.  Nutritious snacking can supplement the arrangements you’ve made for meals immediately following your surgery.  You may have opted for a meal service or to have groceries delivered.  In between those meals, having healthy snacks at hand is highly advisable.  It will keep you from falling back on empty calories, just because they’re easy.

Cut up fruit and vegetables make great snacks.  These are high-quality sources of flavour that you can enjoy at will.  Cut them up and place them in containers in your fridge, then pull them out as you need them.

If you’re cooking for yourself, the rule of simplicity is paramount.  Your meals should be easy to prepare and based on fresh ingredients that nourish your body so it can heal.  Back to Italy – simple pasta dishes with fresh herbs and healthy extra virgin olive oil will keep you fed, healthy and happy.

Fiber is key.

Many people experience constipation following surgery.  This is completely normal.  Because you’re not as active as usual, things can slow down to a crawl.  Pain medications can also stop you up.  Here’s where fiber is your friend.

Choose high-fiber items like broccoli (which can also be eaten as a snack, raw).  Baked potatoes become a meal in themselves when topped with low-calorie, high protein cottage cheese, or yogurt.  Add some chives and a little crumbled bacon and – delicious!

Fruits like raspberries and apples are high in fiber and ideal for the nutritious snacks required to keep your strength up.

Calcium and other vitamins.

We know you’re no angel (us either).  If you feel like a little ice cream, remember that it’s not necessarily a “guilty” pleasure.  Quality ice cream (that’s made from real milk products – check the label) contains a good dose of calcium that helps your back heal.  Frozen yogurt is a good alternative, if you’re one of these guilty types.

Whole grains provide even more fiber and when they come in the form of bread that also contains nuts or seeds, you’re getting an additional hit of protein and calcium.

If you’re unsure about how to eat after your surgery and need more information about these nutrition tips to consider after back surgery, contact us.

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