Neck Pain Treatment In NJ

The neck does a lot of work for you. It’s an important part of your body that’s crucial to the performance of so many daily tasks, you probably don’t even think about. Even just greeting the neighbours with a friendly tilt of the head implicates your neck.

Turning your head to check on the cars behind us while driving, indicating agreement or disagreement by nodding or shaking the head – all activities needing a well-functioning neck. Even bobbing your head in time with your favorite song requires the help of your hardworking (and longsuffering) neck.

Sometimes we neglect the care of our necks. We abuse them by cradling phones, or through poor sleeping hygiene which puts unnecessary strain on them. We can also damage our necks with bad posture while standing or sitting. Too much abuse and before we know it, we may as well be wearing blinkers, the range of motion in the neck having been severely impacted by our bad habits.

When your neck’s not working properly, you’re probably in a world of pain.

A common source of pain.

Incredibly, neck pain is the third leading cause of chronic pain in Americans and more than 1/3rd of our number is affected by it. That’s a staggering statistic.

While the factors enumerated above may lead to neck pain, it can also be caused by accidents on the road, sports accidents, or DIY projects gone horribly wrong. But the fact is, it hurts, and many people don’t listen to their body’s messages until they’re in so much pain they can barely see straight.

But because you’re here, we know you’re not one of those people. You’re looking for someone who can provide you with quality neck pain treatment in NJ. You’ve come to the right place, especially if you’re experiencing shooting pains down your arms, or have lost significant range of motion in your neck.

Quality neck pain treatment in NJ.

A lot of people accept neck pain as a fact of life, but while they’re accepting it, the root cause isn’t going anywhere and may even make neck pain worse. Pain doesn’t have to be part of your life. Neck pain treatment in NJ can be anything from gentle traction to manipulation of the neck which serves to restore range of motion and relieve pain.

At Progressive Spine, we specialize in all conditions affecting the spinal column, so we’ve seen a lot of people suffering from neck pain. We offer quality neck pain treatment in NJ, practiced on the understanding that every patient is different, demanding a diversity of therapeutic responses.

You’re reading this because you’re looking for neck pain treatment in NJ, with a skilled orthopedic surgeon at a reputable clinic. Dr. Joshua Rovner at Progressive Spine is just the medical professional you’re looking for. Contact us and discover regionally-renowned neck pain treatment in NJ at Progressive Spine.

Don’t wait until your neck restricts your range of motion to the point you feel like you’re wearing blinkers. Come talk to Dr. Rovner. Let’s get you feeling better.

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