Meet the Neck and Back Pain Specialists Near Me In Middlesex County, NJ

I’ve spent most of my life working on my feet.  That can do a number on your body over the years.  It’s been tough to stay working, recently.  My neck and back have been complaining rather loudly.

The pain was starting to hold me back, so my primary care giver told me I needed to seek specialized care to stay on the job.  He directed me to the neck and back pain specialists near me in Middlesex County, NJ, at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.

Progressive’s clinicians are entirely focused on the treatment of the spinal column.  Because the health of your neck and back is key to quality of life, Progressive’s team, led by orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Joshua Rovner, find tailored solutions to bring relief to people suffering with neck and back pain.

I needed help before the pain got worse than it already was, so I booked a consultation with Progressive.

Meet the neck and back pain specialists in New Jersey.

I attended my consultation at Progressive having read about clinical lead, Dr Joshua Rovner’s excellent reputation.  He heads a team of committed neck and back pain specialists near me in Middlesex County, NJ who’ve seen amazing success treating people suffering from neck and back pain.

Dr. Rovner is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon.  He took the time to listen to my issues, discussing the pain I was experiencing and how long I’d been dealing with it.

He asked about therapies already deployed and the pain’s progression.  Then his team ran tests to see if minimally-invasive spine surgery to heal my neck and back pain was the right way to proceed.

I went back to discuss the results of my tests with Dr. Rovner.  He advised me that I was a great candidate for MISS and described the intervention he felt was best suited to resolving the pain in my back and neck.

He also told me that I’d be working with a physical therapist to learn more about body mechanics and to strengthen key muscle groups to limit the potential for reinjury.

Top Doctor status.

Now that I’ve had minimally-invasive spine surgery and I’m feeling better, I understand why Dr. Rovner’s a New Jersey Top Doctor.  His diagnosis of the pain’s underlying cause was bang on and his surgical recommendation was the right one.  I’m getting back to living, now that my neck and back pain are resolving.

With patient-focused care, Dr. Rovner and his team have restored my overall health and wellbeing.  I know I’ll be working again soon, because I’m already feeling stronger.  I wake up every morning knowing I’m a step closer to renewed health.

Neck and back pain specialists near me in Middlesex County, NJ – find relief.

If you’re living with neck and back pain, don’t wait.

Reach out to Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics and the award-winning care of Dr. Joshua Rovner.  Find relief with the neck and back pain specialists at Progressive and get back to living.