Neck and Back Pain Specialists Near Me In Fort Lee, NJ

I’ve worked hard most of life and much of that work has been in construction.  It’s demanding and takes a significant toll on your body over time.  My body has been complaining more and more – especially my neck and back.

It’s been difficult to stay on the job and I knew I needed help.  My primary care giver told me I needed to act to keep working and enjoying a decent quality of life.  She referred me to the neck and back pain specialists near me in Fort Lee, NJ, at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.

At Progressive Spine, they’re dedicated to the care and treatment of your body’s pillar – the spinal column.  Because the health of your neck and back is so crucial to living a healthy life, Progressive’s team, led by orthopaedic specialist Dr. Joshua Rovner, is focused on support that brings hope to people suffering from neck and back pain.

I wanted help before things got worse than they already were, so I booked an appointment with Progressive.

New Jersey’s premier neck and back pain specialists.

I attended my consultation at Progressive aware of clinical director, Dr. Joshua Rovner’s outstanding reputation.  He leads a team of award-winning neck and back pain specialists near me in Fort Lee, NJ who have helped so many people with pain issues.

Dr. Rovner is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who took the time to talk to me and find out more about the pain I was experiencing and its history.

He asked about therapies I’d tried and the pain’s progression.  Then his team ran diagnostics to determine the suitability of minimally-invasive spine surgery to resolve my neck and back pain problems.

I went back to discuss the results of my diagnostics with Dr. Rovner.  He told me I was an excellent candidate for MISS and described the intervention he had determined was the mostly likely to resolve my situation.

He also advised that I’d be working with a physical therapist to learn how to take better care of my back and neck and strengthen the muscles supporting my spine.

A New Jersey Top Doctor.

Now that I’ve undergone minimally-invasive spine surgery and I’m in recovery, I know why Dr. Rovner’s a New Jersey Top Doctor.  His diagnosis of my problems was accurate.  His surgical solution was what I needed.  I’m recovering well and my pain issues are rapidly resolving.

With patient-centered care, Dr. Rovner and his team have restored my quality of life.  I know I’ll be back at work soon, feeling stronger and pain-free.  I wake up in the morning feeling good, now that my neck and back pain issues have been addressed.

I found outstanding neck and back pain specialists near me in Fort Lee, NJ.

If neck and back pain are slowing you down, don’t wait another minute.

Reach out to Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics and the award-winning care of Dr. Joshua Rovner.  Get back your quality of life with the neck and back pain specialists at Progressive.