Neck and Back Pain Specialists Near Me In Bergen County, NJ

Most of my adult life, I’ve worked in construction.  It’s hard work and takes a toll on your body over time.  My body was hurting because of what I do for a living – especially my neck and back.

It’s been hard to stay working, so I knew I needed medical support.  My GP said it was important to act to stay on the job and continue enjoying my quality of life.  She referred me to the neck and back pain specialists near me in Bergen County, NJ, at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.

At Progressive, they’re committed the care and treatment of our spine.  Because the health of your neck and back is so key to your quality of life, Progressive’s team, led by orthopaedic specialist Dr. Joshua Rovner, is dedicated to solutions that bring hope to people who suffer from neck and back pain.

I needed help before things got worse than they already were, so I booked a consultation with Progressive.

New Jersey’s most renowned neck and back pain specialists.

I attended my consultation at Progressive after reading about clinic principal, Dr. Joshua Rovner’s great reputation.  He leads a team of award-winning neck and back pain specialists near me in Bergen County, NJ who’ve relieved the pain of so many local people who struggle with pain in the neck and back.

Dr. Rovner is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who took the time to get to know me, discussing my pain issues and their progression.

He asked about treatments I’d already tried and how the pain had changed over time.  Then his team ran tests to see if minimally-invasive spine surgery to resolve my neck and back pain problems was the right answer.

I returned to discuss the results of my tests with Dr. Rovner.  He advised that I was an excellent candidate for MISS and explained the surgery he’d determined as the most likely to resolve my pain issues.

He also said I’d be working with a physical therapist to learn how to take better care of my back and neck and to re-build my strength.

A New Jersey Top Doctor.

Now that I’m recovering from minimally-invasive spine surgery, I know why Dr. Rovner’s a New Jersey Top Doctor.  His diagnosis of my problems was 100% accurate.  His recommendation for surgery was exactly what I needed.  I’m recovering quickly and my pain issues are becoming a memory.

With patient-centered, supportive care, Dr. Rovner and his team have restored my wellbeing.  I know I’ll be back at my job soon, feeling stronger than I ever have.  I wake up every day feeling positive, now that my neck and back pain issues are resolving.

I found terrific neck and back pain specialists near me in Bergen County, NJ.

If you’re suffering from neck and back pain, don’t wait to act.

Reach out to Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics and the award-winning support of Dr. Joshua Rovner.  Get back to living well, with the neck and back pain specialists at Progressive.