Have a Herniated Disc in NJ? Disc Surgery May Be Just What You Need

Yes, it may be what you need. Most people jump directly to the conclusion that, when they have a herniated disc, they need surgery. The good news is, if you have a herniated disc, you may not.

A good spinal surgeon always treats surgery as a last resort. And NJ disc surgery is no different. First, it would help if you fully understood what a disc herniation is. Even before that, it would certainly help to understand what a disc is.

A disc, in this context, refers to an intervertebral disc – a disc that separates two of the vertebrae in your spine. It has an outer shell and a nucleus. When a herniation occurs, the nucleus pops out of the center of the disc, through the outer shell. Now, the disc can no longer absorb shock between those two vertebrae like it’s supposed to. And that can lead to severe pain. If it’s only a slight herniation, it can be treated with chiropractic, physical therapy, steroid injections, or another potential non-surgical treatment – it all depends on your specific condition. Basically, if it’s possible for the nucleus to retract and the disc to heal on its own – with a little support and adjustment – then that is the best way to go.

But a more severe disc herniation will require surgery. If you’ve been through a month of non-surgical treatments already and haven’t felt any pain relief, it’s likely time to start thinking about surgery, especially if you’re only getting through your days with heavy doses of pain medication.

While you may be very scared and nervous about the idea of NJ disc surgery, understandably, the good news is that modern technicques have come a long way. You no longer have to worry about that long ugly scar up and down your back (and the long cut during surgery that caused it). More importantly, you no longer have to fear the potential complications that the old invasive surgery introduced (by invading so much of the back).

New minimally invasive procedures have been developed that require only a small incision into your back, right in the area where the disc herniation occurred. Then, your doctor can replace the disc with a bone graft and fuse the two adjacent vertebrae together, recreating the support that your disc used to provide. You can be out of the hospital from a procedure like this in days. And, then you’ll begin your road to recovery.

The risk of complication is lower than it’s ever been. Only minimal amounts of muscle and tissue need to be moved temporarily for the procedure. And modern tools and technology make it easy for doctors to do this safely. So, if you’re ready to live without pain and you’ve tried all non-surgical options, NJ disc surgery may be just what you need. Schedule a consultation today to speak with an expert and find out more.

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