What to Expect Your Spine Surgeon in New Jersey to Recommend – Post Surgery

After spine surgery, it’s important to have a well-defined and strategic plan for your recovery. Your spine surgeon in New Jersey will go over that plan before you go into surgery. The specifics of the plan will be different for everyone but there are some potential pieces to post-surgery plans that are relatively common.


Physical therapy is one of those pieces. Your muscles and spine are closely linked. If some of your muscles are weak, or worse, completely inactive, it could cause your spine to take on added responsibility. This could have led to your pain and even to the need for your surgery. And, after having your spine surgery and starting to feel so much better, you don’t want your muscles to end up causing the same problems again.


That’s why physical therapy is so important. Again, this isn’t true for everyone and your spine surgeon in New Jersey will determine if you need physical therapy or not. But, even most physically fit people don’t have all their muscles working properly and could benefit from physical therapy.


Proper physical therapy will ensure that your muscles support your “new” spine so that there is less chance it will be damaged again. But, more than that, a physical therapist also knows how to manage your post surgery pain. She can do that by showing you exercises and positions you can use to strengthen and activate some of your weaker muscles. She can also utilize ice and specialized electrical equipment to strengthen them.


And you won’t have to spend your life in the therapist’s office. She’ll be able to teach you everything you need to know to boost your muscles at home. Then, you’ll only go in for specialized treatment and check-ups.


Physical therapists will focus on muscles that were weak before surgery and the muscles that were affected by the incision during the surgery. They can also help you improve your mobility and flexibility.


While there will likely be more to your post surgery treatment plan than just physical therapy, physical therapy will likely be an integral piece of it suggested by your spine surgeon in New Jersey. Most spine surgeons have good relationships with physical therapists they trust. They’ll work hand in hand on your treatment, making sure to complement each others work.


So that’s what you should expect your spine surgeon in New Jersey to recommend post surgery. You should expect him to recommend physical therapy to bring your back to it’s optimal strength – so your muscles support your spine as they’re meant to again. Be ready to stick to a strict home treatment plan that you won’t want to slack off on. If you do, you’ll only be putting yourself at risk for further surgery down the line. So be prepared to work on your rehab – under your surgeon’s guidance.

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