Elective Surgery Postponement Due to COVID-19 Impacts Patients With Chronic Back Pain

Many of our patients who come to us for help with chronic lower back pain do so after months – and sometimes years – of putting it off. Afraid of surgery and certain that it would be our first recommendation, they’ve put up with pain and discomfort until they just couldn’t take it any more.

For the vast majority, we’ve been able to provide conservative treatment approaches that have made a significant difference in their quality of life, all without the need for surgical intervention.

Better still, when conservative approaches have failed, they’ve found that operations for lower back pain have changed over the years, and that minimally invasive procedures provided by our lumbar spine specialists have put them back on their feet and pain-free with a minimum of downtime.

If you are one of those for whom minimally invasive surgery was recommended and you were ready to proceed, then the New Jersey postponement of elective surgery has likely been a disappointment. Once patients make the decision to move forward, they are generally emotionally ready – and sometimes eager – to go. This is especially true if you continue to suffer from lower back pain.

Nobody is disregarding the need to make this adjustment. There have been thousands of deaths from COVID-19 in the state of New Jersey, and tens of thousands of people have tested positive for the disease. The postponement of elective surgeries is just one small part of a much larger strategy meant to slow the spread of the deadly virus, as well as to free up resources, as well as physicians who normally dedicate their energies to specialty areas so that they can help care for patients with coronavirus.

Though some surgeries are still being planned and pursued, those are generally limited to operations meant to be life-saving or life-preserving. Not only does this reduce the spread of the disease and make physicians and supplies available for more pressing needs, but it also recognizes that the virus has created shortages in the bloo supply and in operating rooms, hospital beds, and the various pieces of equipment and personal protective equipment needed for everyday medical procedures.

At our New Jersey back pain practice, we are aware that the cancellation of a needed surgery can be frustrating, and we appreciate your understanding that any changes to our practice have been made to ensure your safety, the safety of our staff, and the wellbeing  of the rest of our New Jersey community.

Moving forward with an operation when there is a question about the availability of resources or the potential for exposure to a virus falls below the duty of care that we adhere to in every one of our procedures.

If you were previously scheduled for a surgery that has been postponed as a result of the virus crisis – or even if you are a new patient  – and you are struggling with back pain, we can help. Contact the office today and one of our professionals will respond quickly to try to provide the assistance that you need.

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