Don’t Let Myths Keep You From Seeing a Spine Surgeon

Having a little back pain from time to time is an experience that many people share. But if your pain is more than “a little” and it’s closer to “all the time” or even “most of the time,” then holding yourself back from making an appointment with a lumbar spine specialist in New Jersey is nothing short of cheating yourself of a higher quality of life.  Unfortunately, many people allow myths and fears keep them from seeking the help that they need.

If you have tried all of the self-help treatments you can find — ranging from over-the-counter medications and massages to stretching and core-strengthening exercises — and you’re still feeling significant pain, then it’s time for you to face your fears and seek help. In order to help you take that important first step, we’d like to dispel some of the fallacies and myths that keep many people from picking up the phone, making an appointment, and getting real relief.

Fallacy #1 – Any operation involving the spine is a major surgery

There’s no doubt that we all rely on our spines for support and movement, and we all know that damage to the spine can lead to disability. The thing is, if you’re having chronic pain due in your spine, then it’s likely already damaged, and surgery can fix it. 

The other thing is that the most common spine surgeries done today are all minimally invasive procedures that will have you home on the same day of the surgery. No big incisions, low risk of infection, mild pain that can be controlled with OTC medicines, and much faster recoveries.

Fallacy #2 – Going to a spine specialist automatically leads to surgery

There is an unfortunate belief that spine specialists are all cut-happy cowboys who don’t want to do anything but operate. That is not the case at all. What is true is that we are intent on finding the best solution for your back pain.

For some that may be massage or physical therapy. For others it may be injections, and for some minimally invasive surgery will be the right answer. Each patient is treated as an individual, and in almost all cases we begin with a conservative approach first, only moving to more aggressive methods if the conservative protocols don’t provide the relief that patients need.

Fallacy #3 – Recovery from spine surgery involves a lot of pain, risks dependency on painkillers, and takes forever

When you make an incision of any kind in the body, it is going to lead to pain, but minimally invasive spine surgery does not deliver any more pain than most other types of small incisions. You will feel it most during the first few days, and your pain can be managed with minimal medication.

Each day after day three will be a bit better. At no point should your pain be severe, and by the time you hit the six-week mark you are likely to feel totally fine — and much better than you did prior to your surgery.

The best way to learn the truth about seeing a spine surgeon is to make an appointment and get the facts for yourself. Contact our lumbar spine specialty practice in New Jersey today and set up an appointment for a consultation.

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