Company Launches Innovative New Tool for Spine Surgery

Spine surgeons are looking forward to learning more about the newest innovation in spine surgery. It’s called the Mazor X Stealth Edition, and it is a robotic system that helps surgeons with planning surgery in a more detailed and predictable way. The system was only approved by the FDA in November of 2018 and introduced in the United States, and saw its first application in surgeries performed at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky and at Reston Hospital Center in Reston, Virginia.

One spine surgeon who is looking forward to using the new system, said:

“It is rare that huge sectors of technology such as robotics and navigation merge into a sole platform as found in the Mazor X Stealth Edition. Combined, these may provide more predictable and reliable execution of our procedure workflows. Computerized surgical planning, 3D assessment of spine anatomy, robotic guidance, and live navigation feedback are designed to provide a higher degree of accuracy throughout the surgical procedure.”

The new surgical system was a collaborative effort between Mazor Robotics and Medtronic. It provides real-time image guidance, visualization and navigation based on information technology and an interactive 3-dimensional planning platform. According to a specialist in scoliosis surgery at Reston Hospital Center:

“The marriage of robotics and navigation represents the future of computerized planning and execution in spine surgery. Robotics and navigation have both been shown to improve accuracy and precision in spine surgery. The Mazor X Stealth Edition is a revolutionary new technology that uses cutting-edge software to plan the surgical procedure, then uses a robotic arm to guide implants and instruments through the steps of the surgical procedure with precision, while simultaneously using real-time imaging feedback to ensure the plan is being carried out as desired.”

Speaking for Medtronic, executive vice president and president of the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic Geoff Martha said, “Medtronic is committed to transforming the future of spine care by offering procedural solutions that integrate implants, biologics and enabling technologies like navigation, 3D imaging, robotics and powered surgical tools.”

Robotic surgery is particularly helpful for spine procedures, as it is believed that its use will deliver surgical success even in patients whose back issues are complicated by complex variations in their spine’s structure. Minimally invasive surgical procedures like those offered at our New Jersey spine surgery center have already delivered significant improvement over what was once offered, when the only option for spine surgery involved large and invasive open surgery. The introduction of robotics and 3-D computerized imaging means that surgeons now have even greater capabilities for visualizing each individual patient’s spine structure and find the best way to navigate to the root of their problem.

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