When should You Choose Laser Spine Surgery in Englewood NJ?

laser_spine_surgery_2Laser spine surgery in Englewood NJ is commonly-prescribed and effective pain management tool for instances of chronic back pain caused by spinal conditions like herniated and bulging  discs, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs.

It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be performed at outpatient clinics as well and involves much shorter recuperation periods than conventional modes of spinal surgery. According to spinal surgeons in Englewood NJ, laser spine surgery is recommended for individuals suffering from the above-mentioned conditions and others in the following cases:

When Surgery is Deemed to be the only Effective Way to Treat the Patient

There are many ways of treating and/or managing the pain associated with certain spinal conditions that cause chronic back pain. Doctors advise rest, prescribe oral medications and steroidal injections, and recommend physical therapy to treat these conditions. However, sometimes none of these methods work, and surgery is the only way to treat the patient.

When the Patient Cannot Undergo Traditional Spinal Surgery

Traditional spinal surgery involves making one or more large incisions in the affected area of the patient. The eligibility of a patient for undergoing these surgical procedures depends on his age, general physicals condition, and the absence of certain medical conditions and diseases. These surgical processes also take time and involve hospitalization. On the other hand, laser spine surgery, Englewood NJ physicians say, is safe to be performed on almost every one. The duration of the surgery is considerably less than the conventional spinal surgery methods and does not involve hospitalization.

When the Patient needs to Recuperate within a Short Period of Time

Laser spine surgery, Englewood NJ surgeons say, is the most ideal treatment and pain management methodology for patients who want to recuperate within a short period of time and resume their normal daily activities. For example, there may be instances where the patient needs to go back to his job to support himself and his loved ones. Sometimes, individuals suffering from debilitating back pain need to get treated and recover soon to fulfill familial obligations. Because laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, the recuperation period is short and is ideal for these people.

Now that you know when to press the button for laser spine surgery, Englewood NJ spine surgeons advise that you reach out to a reliable, outstanding, and sparkling clinic as soon as you can.