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Chronic back pain is something many of us face every day of our lives. Most people experience some form of back pain. For some of us, though, the pain never goes away.

People who suffer from chronic back pain may have tried everything from acupuncture to pharmaceuticals. But nothing works. Still suffering, they see life slipping away, as they lose valuable time at work and feel as though the world is passing them by.

At Progressive Spine, we’re dedicated to the health of the pillar of your body – the spinal column. Because the health of your back is so important to living a full and productive life, our team is focused on providing specialized medical support that brings hope to those suffering from chronic back pain.

You have pain. We have solutions.

If you’ve tried everything in search of relief, minimally invasive lumbar fusion may be the solution you’re looking for.

Minimally invasive intervention.

Traditionally, lumbar fusion is practiced via access to the spine from the patient’s back. With newer, less-invasive methods, the spine is approached from the side of the body and a much smaller incision is made.

By drawing the muscle next to the lumbar area of the spine to one side, the surgeon can safely remove up to the 2/3rds of the disk or disks at the root of your pain. Bone grafts are then performed to replace bone which has been removed during the surgery. When minimally invasive lumbar fusion is employed, surgery duration is much shorter (although this factor depends on the complexity of the problem).

Patients undergoing minimally invasive lumbar fusion are usually released in between 24 hours to several days after surgery and experience reduced recovery time. Full recovery takes time and post-operative therapy, but in two to six weeks remarkable improvement can be seen.

Most patients report that weakness in the legs persists for a short period, due to the implication of the muscle near the lumbar region. But normal function returns rapidly. With the expert care of the team at Progressive Spine, patients are guided in a course of post-operative therapy to support full recovery.

Are you a candidate?

Depending on the nature of your back pain, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive lumbar fusion. At Progressive, we suggest you book a consultation to discuss your condition with the board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Joshua Rovner.

Dr. Rovner’s expertise in conditions of the spine has made him one of New Jersey’s top doctors. In consultation with him, you’ll know that his recommendations for you are rooted in extensive knowledge and experience. At Progressive, you’ll receive the best medical advice and care available.

Contact us.

At Progressive Spine, we’re committed to the wellbeing and quality of life of our patients. We’re here to support the spine health of people like you, seeking relief from chronic back pain.

Contact us for a consultation to find out if minimally invasive lumbar fusion is right for you. Progressive Spine is here to support you on the road to full recovery.

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