5 Back Pain Myths You Need to Watch Out For

Back pain happens to just about everybody at some point in their lives, and for most of us who go through it once, there’s a good chance we’re going to have it again and again and again. The fact that it is such a common complaint doesn’t mean that it’s a minor thing: chronic back pain can be debilitating and needs treatment by a skilled and experienced professional.

One of the reasons that it is so important to seek health from a physician like our New Jersey lumbar spine specialist is that there are so many misunderstandings and myths about what causes back pain and what should be done to relieve it. By not understanding the root of your problem or the best way to address it, you run a very real risk of things getting worse – or at the least having it come back again soon.

To help you get past your misconceptions about what is going on in your spine, here is our list of top back pain myths, as well as the truth as it relates to each one.

1. Back Pain Is Always a Problem with Your Spine

Though problems within the spine are often to blame for back and neck pain, the problem can also lie with having weak core muscles, poor posture, and sleeping in the wrong position. A physician can help you by providing both a diagnosis and proper exercises to help to alleviate your pain.

2. Once the Pain Stops, the Problem Is Gone

Back pain is frequently a result of inflammation and swelling from an injury. When those responses fade the pain will too, but that does not mean that the weakness or injury has disappeared. Most back pain returns unless its causes are addressed or exercises meant to counter a problem are continued.

3. You Should Avoid Exercise When Your Back Hurts

The truth is that movement is often the best remedy for back pain, and laying around can make it much worse. Though exercises that are high impact and that involve jumping can exacerbate your pain, walking can keep you limber and avoid stiffness setting in, and it is particularly helpful to do exercises that strengthens your core muscles that support your spine.

4. A Little Pain Is Not a Problem

Though we all experience some aches and pains as we get older, studies show that spine pain is a factor in earlier mortality. If your back hurts consistently, you will do your health a world of good by seeing a spine specialist.

5. My Pain Is Temporary and Was Caused by Lifting Something Heavy

The truth is that there is nothing wrong or damaging about lifting a heavy object: the real cause of pain is in the way that you lifted or the tightness or weakness of the muscles that you used while lifting. The only way to prevent the pain from coming again the next time you exert yourself is to correct your structural problem through exercise or other therapies.

If you are a back pain sufferer, the best way to prevent your discomfort from returning is to address it head on. Make an appointment with our lumbar spine specialist in New Jersey today to learn the real cause of your pain and learn what can be done to correct it.

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