Adult Degenerative Scoliosis in Hackensack NJ

Adult degenerative scoliosis is a condition where the spine of an adult is twisted on bent due to natural wear of certain support points of the spine.  Contact us if you live in Hackensack NJ.

These support points could weaken or wear off due to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The weakened support points cause the spine to slip, rotate, or fall over on the other structural components of the spine.

Effect of Adult Degenerative Scoliosis Hackensack NJ

Due to of degenerative scoliosis, the patient can suffer from any of these three conditions:

1. Deformity: When the spinal structure is affected due to degenerative scoliosis, patients start to notice changes taking place in their posture. In certain patients, the deformity can accelerate at an alarming rate, and immediate treatment is required. Deformities could be exaggerated curvature of the spine, prominence of ribs, or difference in shoulder heights.

2. Pain in Leg: Due to changes occurring in the structure of the spine due to scoliosis, the nerves are pressed sometimes at the juncture where the nerves come out of the spine. Smaller joints in the spine can become arthritic, which causes formation of bone spurs that start pinching a nerve. Sometimes due to wear, the disk in the spine could also bulge and put pressure on a nerve. The pinching of these nerves results in leg pain.

3. Back Pain: Pain in the back can result from worn out disks or arthritic spinal joints. The condition worsens because the joints are not able to move appropriately, and there is general instability.


The best approach would be to prevent degenerative scoliosis from developing by taking timely treatment for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. For slowing or stopping the degenerative process, it is important to strengthen the muscles in the stomach and back.

Treatments for Adult Degenerative Scoliosis in Hackensack NJ

It is not possible to stop the degenerative process fully, but quality of patient’s life can be improved by the following treatments that provide symptomatic relief. Medications: Anti-inflammatory medications are usually prescribed for reducing inflammation and managing pain.

Steroid Injections: Epidural steroid injections are administered for reducing intense pain caused by degenerative scoliosis. The steroid has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which can provide outstanding relief.

Physical Therapy: Patients are prescribed effective exercise programs, according to their conditions for strengthening their stomach and back muscles. These programs also include instructions about how to perform certain daily activities in a manner that would decrease wear and pain.

Surgery: Surgery is usually the last resort for adult degenerative scoliosis Hackensack NJ, where there is progression of deformity, and where other treatments have failed.